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  1. It's part of geophysics the study of the atmosphere and its climate. You can look it up. Akasofu is quite renowned within the climate community, and his notes on climate change are taken into account by many climatologists and have inspired many students and professors, you can look this up too. To say that he is not an expert it's like if you say that a mathematician doesn't know crap about computer science. Originally Posted By: Go Native You can say all the times you want that there is no consensus on Global Warming but the fact is that within the climate science community t
  2. By the way, if you are interested in reading science rather than just insulting you may read one of his books "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years". Interesting book, by the way, he is a lunatic with an impressive curriculum. I think he invented the instrument for measuring ozone that the satellites use.
  3. Originally Posted By: keba Originally Posted By: coldcat I am just being flamed because I have skeptic views on Global Warming. No, you are being flamed because of the reasons you give for being skeptical about global warming. They are not my theories. If you read a little you would know that many have talked about it, and being flamed about it too. Fred Singer who is an American athmospherist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia is one of them. He talks about third world kleptocrats. I guess he is also one of those not within the climate science community
  4. Right, right, so I guess the Founding Director of the International Arctic Research Center, Syun-Ichi Akasofu is not within the climate science community. "Akasofu is one of the 400 scientists listed in a report issued by the Republican minority of the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works entitled Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007 who were said to dispute the theory of anthropogenic global warming."
  5. GoNative, you don't know me, so please don't talk about me like if you knew me. I have a right to have my opinion and express it without being called a 'lunatic' or someone who has to be ignored, as long as I don't atack or insult others in the forum. Who are you to talk about me in such a despising way? You may have a major in methereology but you lack basic education on civism. I am just being flamed because I have skeptic views on Global Warming. It's a well known fact that Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, left greenpeace and the environmentalists scene for reasons si
  6. "Self sufficient industry"??? Ha ha ha! Don't make me laugh brother! Does Monsanto ring a bell? Well if you didn't know, Monstanto is an american multinational, a huge corporation of biotechnology and agriculture. Who do you think is going to acquire (actually HAS ALREADY DONE ) the crops of sugar cane in Brazil?? Yes, Monsanto. Keep it on, keep the BS on, we will believe everything from the nice blonde guys from the West dressed in their environmentaly friendly customes. They are so cute, and well intentionted. They care so much about our planet. Let them save us all. Of course,
  7. I remember reading on the press a few weeks ago something like according to latest studies by scientists at the University of Nevada strectching before excercise is bad for your muscle. What??!!! They were telling us over and over how important is stretching before starting any activity and now is actually bad? Scientists are always contradicting themselves. Now CO2 is very bad, tomorrow they may tell us it has nothing to do with the heating of the world, and we people are like sheeps who just believe and follow whatever someone in a white coat tells us without actually reflecting on it
  8. It is not such long standing trend it seems. The 1930s were actually the warmest decade, although as the article says they didn't want you to know that. It has nothing to do with whether October was cold or not, but rather with the inconsistencies of the major data sets used over and over to proof that the world is heating more than ever. It was easy to find the contradiction this time, because this year's october happened to be especially cold around the world and North Pole (not only UK, or Europe) so it was bizarre when they said it was actually the hottest. But how many inconsistencie
  9. What's the latest bs from GW environmentalists and the Al Gore crowd. Just read and enjoy. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2008/11/16/do1610.xml
  10. This is the Pyrinees (Spain) 2 days ago. At the time 75cm of powder have felt (even to the lowest levels). It's been still snowing ever since then. The first resort to open is opening tomorrow. Others don't open because they don't have staff at this time of the year.
  11. Originally Posted By: Matt Originally Posted By: Charles Broad I was steered away from Hakuba because I heard that the snow is not as good as Hokkaido. My friend was there 2 years ago and it was warm enough to ski in shorts and it was only February. ... If you want the highest possibility of well below zero temperatures I hear Oymyakon is your best bet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pole_of_Cold nice answer
  12. The daily reports is such a good resource for knowing about a resort. So much more reliable and accurate than subjective views of people.
  13. What I wanted to say is that since there are plenty of people who prefer hakuba to niseko (as there are plenty of people who prefer niseko to hakuba) it means that the difference is not as extreme as (I understood at least) the person who asked meant i.e. "Hokkaido, powder paradise VS hakuba, ski in shorts and bad quality snow". If Hakuba were like his friend told him, then no-one would prefer hakuba to niseko. However, since both are good, you have people who choose one or the other. They are both competitive. I hope this explains my point better. GN, I really agree with you o
  14. Originally Posted By: Charles Broad I was steered away from Hakuba because I heard that the snow is not as good as Hokkaido. My friend was there 2 years ago and it was warm enough to ski in shorts and it was only February. I was in Hokkaido (niseko) at Xmas 2 years ago and it was raining A one time experience tells almost nothing about a resort. You'd get a much more objective view if you look at the daily reports on this site for several years. Hakuba is not known for lack of snow or skiing in shorts in February nor is niseko for raining in January. In fact, if you search throug
  15. Greenrome, if you visit the oakley site you can find a sort of simulation of how each lens make you see the colors, contrast, etc...
  16. Originally Posted By: hknz btw, would it help to ride powder if one can masters up un-weight and down un-weight skill? Just keep your body weight on the back of your board and let your instinct kick in. The more you practice the better you'll get at it.
  17. For Japan I prefer orange or yellow, because low visibility days are relatively commom, and because of the 'nighta'. Last year I tried Gold colored and they also worked well in low visibility. This year I am thinking of buying a pair of Oakley Crowbar or A-Frame, with golden tint or VTR28 (which is sort of pink), that's because they are sort of for all kind of conditions and I have sensitive eyes to light, but orange or yellow is the best for low visibility or night skiing, if you are not too sensitive to light.
  18. Intermediate advanced riders do better with a normal board. They are going to be riding in-bounds most of the time, so a powder board is completely unnecessary. I know hhnz has already decided to buy a powder board. He must have the budget so it's ok, but if someone else reads this thread and is facing the same questions my sincere advice is to spend the money instead on a good pair of goggles, gear to keep them warm/dry, etc... They are going to appreciate it much more. From what I am used to read about kumapix in these forums he is a really experienced rider both inbouds and in the B.C. He
  19. I vote for Hakuba. Better terrain, lots of snow, and more variety. I am not saying Niseko is not good. I love it. But if I have to choose between Hakuba or Niseko, Hakuba has more to offer. If you can visit both. And if you do go to Hokkaido make sure you hit the other resorts apart from Niseko. Furano is really beautiful and has very good snow. Asahidake is amazing, cold and deep. Hokkaido has much more to offer than just Niseko.
  20. Ok means that you can ride powder reasonably well if you switch your bindings as far back as possible. You shouldn't get too much leg burn, unless you are very out of shape. I'd say if someone is planning on hiking almost everyday or very often to the back-country they'll do better with a powder board, but for the resort rider who sometimes adventures off-piste a normal all-mountain board with the proper binding set-up is more than enough. I'm 175cm, and I've ridden with a 155cm normal board the back-country in Hakkouda and Asahidake with no problems.
  21. If you don't have a visa that allows you to work is not that easy to find a job even teaching English. Also, if I remember well, companies/schools can't sponsor a visa for non-natives to teach English. i.e. they can sponsor you to teach German but not to teach English. Most non-natives teaching English in Japan that I know are doing it on a spouse visa, or another kind of visa. If you want to work in Japan or stay longer 90 days take the safest route which is to go back to Germany and get the working holiday visa, that way when you are in Japan it'll be much easier for you to find
  22. I'd say you should be OK if you just put your bindings in the back-most position.
  23. I've been to all of those places except for Rusutsu. Furano is cold and beautiful but you can get tired of it if you are going to stay 3 months. However there are other resorts near the area so you can take day trips. I wouldn't get a season pass at furano. As for back-country, no allowed off-piste in furano, however Asahidake is not that far away, and there's great backcountry there. If you have your own means of transport Furano might be your best choice. By the way, Furano has a nice Japanese town vibe to it, that niseko doesn't. Niseko is a bit flat for my taste, but back-countr
  24. If you want to go to hakuba there are overnight buses which have the ski pass included in the price. It works out really cheap. But I don't know if you can enjoy skiing after a whole night sleeping on the bus.
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