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  1. It is so weird that we have had amazing powder here yet tens of thousands of people are suffering. It breaks my heart how lucky most of us are. I pray for those families that aren't so lucky. I hope they get the help they need soon. What a terrible tragedy.
  2. Temps are dropping in hakuba。its probably only a matter of time before we get snow. Glad to be back in japan. Got lots of prep before the season starts.
  3. Marriage is stupid. I dont think Ill ever get married and since I dont have a girlfriend my life might just work out fine
  4. this seems to be the place for loads of BS. Running sucks but mountain biking is fun. I have a huge hangover today
  5. I didnt know about this but rarely buy passes - I know people who know people
  6. Maybe we can meet up in Niseko this year I have used the information here but have never typed. Kind of interesting
  7. I always wear black from top to bottom. Nice contrast with snow. I also really like black and white photography too.
  8. good name I have been there before and really liked it! Never seemed to stop snowing up there
  9. 10,000 posts! I wonder how long it will take me to reach that.
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