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  1. Quote: Originally posted by thursday: This is so easy. Charge yourself 600Y per beer. Multiply by the number of beers per day. Then double it. That would give you your beer money needs. Alternatively, go to Seicomart on your fist day. Buy 2 trays at 99Yen per can. And go through those in 4 days. Alternatively 2, squat next to the beer machines at the hire shop in Kogen and spend your 1000Yen notes over a 2 hour period each morning and afternoon. You may not have much time left for the slopes though. I was thinking a bottle of vodka or two from duty-free at Narita. also. w
  2. Q 1: - I will be staying in Hirafu Village, Niseko Resort for 6 nights with 3 nights on top of that for staying over in Narita and Sapporo on the way there and back, respectively, and one more night on the plane on the way home. If I wer to get totally drunk for those three nights, plus mildly drunk for 2 nights of the 6 night Hirafu stay, and few beers every night of the trip, How much money (en) would I be comfortable with for food&drink alone? Also what other major expenses must I consider? [ Summary of trip: Night 1: Hotel near Narita Airport. - Trashed Nights 2 ~
  3. 16 Nov ~ 24 Feb I love uni holidays I'm only at the snow (Niseko) for a week tho starting 24th Dec.
  4. Quote: Originally posted by skidaisuki: Looks from the webcams like it's hacking it down there Yeah, I been checking it daily, its good to see dumping
  5. the chick at the local Snowbiz said I can pick up a pair for AU$70... Prob last me a fair bit, and it comes with insulation... but as you said, CB, I too have experienced wetting of the inside as soon as i got onto ice, before. Mmmm, might just get some rubber nagagutsu when I'm up there.(considering the price)
  6. This may sound minorly n00bish, but anyway: I'm heading to Niseko staying in a pension in Hirafu village from 24th ~ 30th Dec. My friend (who hasn't been boarding there before, nor have I) thinks I should get "Moonboots" AKA boots with thick sole, waterproofing and insulation. Then I was talking to another guy who has been boarding for years, (been to Niseko half a dozen times) and he reckons I will be fine with decent shoes. Now, we're gonna be eating out everynight etc, so we will be walking around the village alot. What's your recommendation on footwear, SJ?
  7. Quote: Originally posted by NPM: God am I glad that I am not going to Niseko ever ever again. oww, why is that?
  8. ok guys, thanks a lot. CAN'T WAIT! ohh, Japanese food and beer! Are there a lot of seafood dishes served in Hirafu village? crabs, etc? (since its Hokkaido) Also, is the Christmas celebration big in Hirafu?
  9. Hey guys at SJ. well a friend of mine went over to canada last year and was telling me how he would get trashed off 4 beers and whatnot due to the higher altitude / lower atmosphere pressure. well, I live at sealevel and during Xmas/NewYears time I will be off to Niseko, snowboarding. I was wondering if this is true, and if I would experience it by drinking 1. at village level and 2. up on the peak/higher runs. Also, anyone with this kind of experience please share your good-times. Thanks! SB
  10. ok. Thanks guys. Yeah I guess rental is the best option. I can't wait!!!! Ohhh how I love Japanese food. mmmm all the seafood and ramen in Hokkaido! Well I will probably post when I know the exact dates of my trip. Again, thanks.
  11. Quote: Originally posted by le spud: Don't get too worried up in what board you buy, just get a second hand one you can afford and that comes up to your nose. So I shouldn't even worry about the width? at all? So it wouldn't make a difference?
  12. I dressed up as a Sailor to a party, and ever since then... Yeah anyway... What size of board should I be looking at?
  13. I'd just like to say: Hi guys! I'm new here! I am officially a snowboarder. I've been once, last year (in Canberra) for a week. I'm a guy btw. I am, by origin, a surfer. I live on the beach on the Gold Coast, and I surf a lot. Also an interesting fact is that: I am half Japanese (other half Aussie) and I have lived in Japan for 9 years total. I can speak Jap fluently etc. Anyhow. Me and a friend are going snowboarding in Niseko (staying in Hirafu) this Dec or Jan. If I were to purchase a snowboard what size would I be looking at? I am 183cm tall and weigh 65kg shoe size 9~10. I
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