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  1. Ok ... I have managed to get to yahoo backgammon games and find the social lounges YAY!!! I looked for you madsthunder and tsondaboy but didn't see you ... Anyhow I wait around just in case you can join later on (its Sunday night in Sydney and im ahead 1 hour ahead of you). By the way, my yahoo name is imbaby_blue.
  2. Sorry i missed you guys last night ... i was preoccupied with the "divorce" post!!! Can we try again? How do i get there, what do i type in on my Address link? Cya.
  3. It's a diabolical situation but not uncommon though. Is your co worker in a relationship too? If yes maybe you can put your wife in touch with her partner. Only kidding!!! Yes I was in a similar situation before ... Basically I met someone at work, fell in love (lust) with him while I was living with someone else (living in sin). At the time I didn’t know that subconciously I was looking for something else outside my relationship because I wasn’t happy in it. I said this as I noticed you wrote you are “comfortably married” rather than “happily married” ... Anyhow do you want to
  4. I like backgammon (never played online though) so if you still want to play, count me in, i'd like to give it a try. I must warn you first, im not so good with the computer stuff :-(
  5. I'm Australian by adoption. Apparently my parents are from Thailand and Laos.
  6. Inside Man (starred Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington). I enjoyed it a lot.
  7. Dokumanju asked such a "timeless" question, I like it! Don't remember what music i listened to back in Feb '03 as for now, i like Foo Fighters - in fact they are putting up an acoustic concert at the Opera House in our beautiful Sydney city early Oct '06 and i'm gonna go see them
  8. Well I like that general rule "10cm less than our body height" becuase it works for me. Im 162cm tall and my ski length is 153cm.
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