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  1. Since basically everyone on this forum has had to learn japanese, surely someone has an opinion?
  2. Ok, I´m really bored at the moment. No acticity at the forum. Maybe time to spice things up with a little bit youtube. I want me some PANCAKES! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnCVZozHTG8
  3. If I´m coming to Japan this winter, I guess I need to learn some japanese first. http://www.japanesepod101.com/ What do you think of this concept? I´ve browsed the page a bit, and it looks pretty impressive.
  4. And now is supposed to be the "safe" period to go there. We were going to ski Mont Blanc du Tacul in May, but people told us not to. The snow didn´t stick well enough then, apparently not now either... I should probably decide to definately go to Japan next season. Feels a lot safer than doing another season in Chamonix.
  5. According to this there were only three deaths in Chamonix last season? Felt like someone died every week there, but maybe it was just people talking.
  6. Thanks for the info! Maybe I´ll just move around all winter. Spend a month at each place, or something. Then I could start in Niseko, through Hakkoda, Hachimantai, and end up in Hakuba for some spring steep skiing!
  7. Anyone know how far it is between Hachimantai Forest and Hakkoda? Even if I bought a season pass at both, it would still be cheaper than one season pass in Chamonix.
  8. Old thread, new questions. Are there still people going to Hachimantai Forest? I read the reviews of it, and it seems to be right up my alley. But someone wrote in another thread that the place seemed like a ghost town last season. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t want a big crowd there, but I don´t want to ski alone either. What really got me interested was the supposed freedom and ski bum atmosphere of the place. Has anyone stayed at the hostel there, and know how much it costs?
  9. I noticed I´ve led this thread way off topic, so I´m gonna write somewhere else about Hachimantai and stuff. Looks like Niseko is out of the picture then, partly at least.
  10. OMG, Hakkoda and especially Hachimantai Forest sound amazing! And dirt cheap too! Where did you camp when in Chamonix, spud? And in what kind of camper van? Sounds like an excellent plan you´re working on there! I had a two month card at the piscine(swimming pool) which meant that I could go swimming, bouldering, to the gym, and, most important, the SAUNA, as often as I liked. All for €92. One of the few cheap things in Chamonix, in my opinion.
  11. Quote: Originally posted by thursday: 2 months in Niseko? 2 months anywhere is too much. I have to disagree with you there. I spent five months in Chamonix, and barely scraped the surface. There´s enough skiing for a lifetime there! But it´s not just about the skiing. It´s about really getting the feeling of the place. Connecting with people in a way that´s hard to do in ordinary life. It´s about getting up in the morning, and wondering: "hmm, should I ski in the sun or the shade today", and realizing that life doesn´t have to be more complicated than that. I didn´t know we were
  12. Thanks for the info! How about Mt Yotei? Is it skiable? And how far away from Niseko? I haven´t really done much research yet. Just browsed SJ for a couple of days. Got it in my head that I wanted to go to Japan, and when I get something like that into my head, it´s hard to remove... On the other hand, My camper van, "the blue monster", is waiting for me in Chamonix, if I want to do another season there. That would be the easy choice. But I want to go to Japan... And if I do go to Japan, it´s because of the powder, and then it would be dumb not to go to Hokkaido. Or?
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