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  1. I'm interested to know how long it took for some of you long-timers to become decent at speaking Japanese. I'm not so interested in the reading/writing as much as being able to have a decent conversation. Are you self-taught or took classes?
  2. Food and travel programs on Japanese tv seem quite annoying. Apart from often being blatant ads, the fake ott responses of the people involved gets quickly tiring.
  3. I am so glad to have found out about this place. It looks amazing. Shiga Kogen has suddenly become a must visit!
  4. Any further news on this? If someone is to open it up for this next season, they're going to have to be pretty quick aren't they. I liked the look of that place.
  5. Smorking?! I like that one. What's the famous sign at the top of Goryu?
  6. What a mad thread! I like that one Cheeseman. I like most cheeses actually, great stuff.
  7. I'll have to get the camera out. I wouldn't call it pastel - somewhere in between that and bright pink.
  8. I've not been here long but some things I have noticed. Japanese tv is nuts. And some things I just don't get, like: Why do they use cardboard signs to explain things instead of computer graphics? They just seem really strange holding them up with sticks (with hands on the end!) Why do they cut into ads abruptly, then 2 minutes later when we go back to the program they actually repeat a whole big chunk of what was going on just a couple of minutes before. Not seen too many Clive James moments but generally it just seems to loud. Easy to get a headache. Any programmes to rec
  9. I did a search but couldn't find much, forgive the newby question - do the resorts here have many of their signs in English or is it all Japanese? Cheers! Cracking site and community going on here. Very glad to have found it.
  10. I have recently moved here hi all The place I am living was chosen for me. Couldn't believe it first time I saw it - fairly bright pink apartment building!! Bright pink! What were they thinking?! Are there many pink houses here?
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