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  1. Not far from me Snowjunky, I'm down in Port Stephens. God help us if dolphins ever get cranky with us.
  2. Today I was out surfing when a pack of dolphins started a fish feeding frenzy. Nothing unusual about that except one of them was right under my board and also going berserk right next to me! I could clearly see the fish hanging out of it's mouth. As I sat up to enjoy the spectacle on display, the fish escaped and swam right into my lap. I picked it up and tossed it away from me. I know flipper is my friend and would never intentional harm me but I wasn't taking any chances. Neither would you if you witnessed a 500 pound marine animal going totally phsyco right next to you. Anyone else hav
  3. Yes it does. The fitter I feel, the fitter I want to be. I surfed for 6 hours a few days ago, run 6 km last night and paddled a kayak for an hour today. The trouble now is it's getting all dark and wintery down here, not much daylight after work.
  4. 1500m in the pool yesterday. Now i just need to keep it consistant.
  5. So you don't believe it was possible that once upon a time there was a hairy street spruiker that pulled out a loaf of bread and a fish and fed, say, SIX people with it? i had a recent conversation with a couple of Jahovah's witness door knockers about creation. She asked me what I believed. I simply said I don't know. In fact no one could possibly know how the universe was created. It's ridiculous to suggest that anyone could with an come up with an answer on that one. She was certain that a supreme being has designed everything. I told her that's just what she believed. It's called fait
  6. i think a lot of this stuff has some genuine credibility in the beginning, but every story teller like to add his personel touch to the story to excite the listener a little bit. Multiply this re-telling of stories about a million times and you end up with complete bullS@#t.
  7. I think I'd like to read those too MB. Nothing like a good ol trilogy.
  8. It's a bit rediculous when you need a user name and password to enter a web site where you order printer cartridges.
  9. Tubby, is it a reasonably light read or a chronicle of facts figures and dates? It takes a real talent to cover all the facts and still make it an entertaining read.
  10. I just started The Concubines Secret by Kate Furnivall. It's set in Russia China in the 1930's. I'm pretty ignorant of the russian revolution also. All I know is millions of people died in the gulags.
  11. Heading over to Indonesia for a month SJ. It helps to be fit if you get pounded by those waves.
  12. I recognize some of those GN. Banksia, kangaroo paw, gravila... We have loads of them around where I live. I have planted quite a few at my place. They bring lots of these in.
  13. Surf trip comming up soon, need to start doing some swimming and other stuff.
  14. My mate has an eBay fettish. Can't go a week without buying some useless piece of crap.
  15. Same. I'm a creature of the sun. If the suns up, so am I
  16. Currently reading 'Deadly Waters', about the Somali Pirates.
  17. Read that some years back. Unbelievable in sight to locked up China. If my parents generation had fed me so many lies. I would disown them. Tubby, if you like war history stories then you might like this guy. http://www.booktopia.com.au/Peter-FitzSimons/author22.html?gclid=CM-FoZfU9q4CFcODpAodfnkJwA He's written a some books on a couple of Australian war campaigns. Purely from an Australian perspective though.
  18. You don't need much of a slope to gain speed. The size of the wheels and the ease that the rubber tyres eat up a rough surface will have you rolling way faster than other convention types of boards.
  19. No I haven't. How many ways can you ride a skateboard? I had a go on one of those battery skateboards, only in the shop though. If you get the lithium batteries, you can go 30+ km/h for over an hour.
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