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  1. Tubby is being a bit silly but he does have a point. WE are the dominant species here. WE decide which is or isn't 'their' habitat. I'm not for eradicating any species off the planet but I think we should at least try and control things that are a threat to us. It's been that way since day one.
  2. Poor guy. Only 18 years old. Japan's response after 4 fatal bear attacks this year. 'Some 400 bears were shot dead near human-populated areas by authorised hunters on Japan's far-northern island of Hokkaido alone, where two people were mauled to death by bears earlier this year, a local official said. In the mountainous central prefecture of Fukushima, northeast of Tokyo, more than 150 bears were shot dead after they encroached on residential areas.' Some bears are already extinct in some parts of Japan and needless to say 'endangered' in most other areas. I'm not suggesting tha
  3. Montreal: A wild black bear attacked a man relaxing in a hot tub at the Whistler ski resort in western Canada, with a swift whack to the head, police said on Monday. The 55-year-old man from Coquitlam, British Columbia, "felt a heavy blow to the back of his head which propelled him forward in the hot tub" on Saturday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair said in a statement. The man then "turned around and found himself face to face with a black bear. He yelled at the bear and retreated inside," the statement added. Injured during the attack, the man, who was
  4. There seems to be two statements coming from the scientists in the above articles that don't make sense. 1. We don't know how many Great White sharks are out there 2. They are endangered.
  5. Maybe. It's more like they 'seem' to be doing something about it. In regards to identifying the shark. They would have a reasonable idea of the size and species. Factors such as bite radius, jaw shape, eyewitness accounts of the attack (most surfers around that area can identify different sharks), species that inhabit that area, recent sightings (and there have been many) . It narrows it down considerably. Almost definitely a large White and there's not too many of them around that area. I'd like to see more research into the effects of culling large Great White sharks on the local eco
  6. There has been lots of gadgets made over the years to deter sharks. I reckon this is just another one. I'm pretty sure a diver in South Australia was taken whilst wearing some sort of shark deterrent device. What are they gunna do if it doesn't work and you get chomped? Money back guarantee? Also there's a lot of myths about shark behaviour i.e.. there's no sharks around while dolphins are present. This myth was well and truly busted when a local fisherman from here spotted a very large Great White with a dolphin in it's mouth! Tail hanging out one side, head the other!
  7. Yes I question it's effectiveness too. A large shark swimming from South Africa and then taking a chomp out of someone is impossible to stop.
  8. So they say. Google it. Some say over 270 million a year! I wonder what people's attitude would be if bears killed 5 people in one year on the slopes on Nozawa. Blood and guts everywhere. Dont think there would be much talk of ' it's their territory, enter at your own risk'
  9. I think I would suport a very well controlled and researched shark cull. Millions of sharks are killed every year for no other reason than to make a tasty soup and help some poor old Chinaman keep his pecka up. Culling a few rougue sharks to save human lives doesn't seem so radical in comparison .
  10. My friend was surfing with this poor guy when it happened. His kids witnessed it too . Including the body. Very traumatic.
  11. I like this. They are right up there with mosquitos in the nuisance rankings.
  12. The French and Belgians have been heavily involved in Africa for a long time now. The US also but more of a logistics role. When the strong pick on the week. I think intervention is required. I'm not saying that's what's happening in Syria. It's a bit like watching an old lady getting bashed by a thug and looking other way.
  13. What do you do? Change the channel, watch Big Brother instead? Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. I agree intervention hasn't help Iraq or Afganistan. Buggered if I know what the solution is.
  14. As opposed to the picnic the Syrian people have enjoyed so far?
  15. Count us in! We've never missed a war yet.
  16. Been to Japan many times, I've taken my kids there also and pointed out to them the many virtues of Japanese society. This is only about sharing the bourdon and getting off their arses and helping out. The rest is just speculation on why they refuse to do so.
  17. Exactly. Japan is one having trouble moving on. They still have this insular, closed shop, keep foreigners out, f##k the rest of the world, not my problem, attitude that prevents them from moving on.
  18. I'm not that keen to help them at all, but feel we should be making some kind of contribution to help relieve what we are constantly being told is a 'global problem'. I Just want to know why all those reasons you pointed out somehow only apply to Japan.
  19. Yep, certainly do GN. The last book I read was about the treatment of POW's in South East Asia. It's called Sandakan. Have you read it? I thought the stories my grandfather told me were an exaggeration, when in actual fact they were the opposite. It's hard to fathom the depth of cruelty and lack of compassion for a fellow human that was deeply ingrained in Japanese culture at the time. It does make you wonder if some of these traits of the past still linger in 2013, given their interest in a global humanitarian effort today and their reluctance, almost refusal, to accept outsiders into their
  20. That's exactly my beef MB. We are constantly being told that it is a global problem which requires a global solution. What IS Japan doing to shoulder their share of the bourdon? Australia comes under fire regularly for its asylum seeker policies, and so it should, but I don't understand how Japan can sit in the shadows and do Jack s&@t to help and nobody says a word. TB- Have a look at the statistics. Asylum seekers are coming from everywhere. Sri Lanka, China, South America. Countries that have had no meddling by western interests.
  21. Getting back on topic.(the Bogon in video) I actually like One Nation and fully endore it's existance. It gives all the nut jobs somewhere to congregate so the rest of us can keep an eye on them.
  22. I see it as being arrogant and having a total lack of generosity and compassion. Hard to respect that. I have respect for countries at least trying to grapple with what is a very difficult issue. I doubt governments around the world are spending hundreds of millions of dollars, just to be seen as PC.
  23. We have an election looming in Australia and the ol' 'Boat People Problem' is getting pushed up the priority list of issues way higher than it deserves. Chasing the Bogon (redneck) vote never gets old. The US takes the gold medal for accepting and re-settling asylum seekers for the 70th year in a row. Japan however trails miserably behind. Australia takes very few on a global comparison but we have the third largest resettlement program in the world behind the U.S. and Canada. Roughly 2700 asylum seekers were living in the Australian communities (a further 4000 were living in detention bei
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