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  1. Very unimpressed with the performances of England. Then again, people just seem to expect too much for them all the time. We should be more realistic I think Terry would be a great captain - much better than Beckham.
  2. Argentina was a great game, I thought Portugal looked pretty good for part of yesterday too. Spain were good. England will get better I'm sure. Good enough? Not sure. Ten Reasons To Worry 1) With what are supposedly their first steps towards being world-beaters, England have struggled to beat sides ranked 36th and 47th in the world. 2) Unimaginative and witless would be the politest descriptions of England's performance against Trinidad and Tobago. Other than lump aimless balls in the direction of Peter Crouch, they appeared to have no other answers to the simple quest
  3. Skiing doesn't appeal to me at all for some reason. On the other hand boarding does.
  4. How good a boarder are you Rag-Doll? I'd love to give it a go next year.
  5. Hi Date Set For New Premiership Fixtures The 2006 World Cup finals in Germany is football’s main talking point at the moment, but attention shifts back to the domestic game - for a few hours at least - when the 2006/07 fixtures are announced next week. Next season's Premiership fixtures will be revealed at 10:00 BST on Thursday 22 June.
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