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  1. When I was younger I had many lizard and also we had pond with frog in garden. I really love them. Now my son wants me to get lizard for him and I am looking forward to it
  2. I didn't have one - is it better than McD or like Mos Burger?
  3. Sometimes I wish I had time for wasting!
  4. Thank you. I think trees also me also - I try to avoid them! I was surprised this last season at top of Nozawa. Usually the top is clear view across toward Nagano - this season there were trees there - they were not covered by lack of snow.
  5. I prefer also to go there, it is much quieter now than Hirafu area.
  6. I don't know about it. I prefer to know what consequences it might have for Japan 07/08!
  7. I was just reading about the Niseko thread and people mention "tree ski". I think I can understand it is skiing in the tree area, but can somebody explain what is the attraction of it?
  8. 3 short trip. One is for Shiga Kogen and the other two is Myoko in Niigata.
  9. I have climbed Mount Fuji 7 times. The Fuji area is my most favourite place in the world.
  10. Me too. I wait for snow and then will decide. My work is quite good about holiday, I have lots of flexible time.
  11. I might be going there next week, if I do I will take some photos.
  12. It is unusual I finish work before 6:30pm. I do try!
  13. I always thought it sad and very strange people signing bomb like that. Do they think about what they doing?
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