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  1. Hi all I am looking for an international shipping company to ship my gear from Japan back to UK as I will be travelling on after my boarding stay in Hakuba. A lot that I have found do not service Japan and DHL are VERY expensive. Do you have any suggestions? An international "takyubin" service perhaps.
  2. Hi all, I am still researching my first trip to Japan and may head for Hakuba. Is there European apartment style accom in Japan (ie. purpose built apartments each with kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom). It's not that I'm anti-social but like to be self-sufficient and in private. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I am planning my first trip to Japan and will be getting about on the Rail pass. I have heard that you can get courier companies to ship luggage from the airport. Is this possible, cheap, a good idea or more hassle than it is worth? Or is it easy enough to get your boards/luggage around on the trains and buses? I would like to spend a few days in Nozawa Onsen and/or Hakuba. Thanks
  4. Hi I am thinking about my first trip to Japan for snowboarding next Feb for a couple of weeks. In my usual trips around Europe I look for good snow record, good intermediate slopes, and quiet/no lift queues. I have been reading resort reviews and snow reports and have come up with the following ideas for myself and the missus. Nozawa Onsen, Happo-One, Akakura, Kagura and/or Tsugaike Kogen. My thoughts were to spend about 3 days at 2 or 3 resorts and see a few sights as well. We will be snowboarding an am concerned that some resorts do not allow it or only on some slopes, is this still t
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