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  1. Sorry mate, refering to checked in luggage(main). Thinking either backpack each ( + 2 x small board bags/sleeves) or our burton wheelie sub x 1 ( + 2 x small board bags/sleeves) 3 weeks Jap, then through Europe i.e. Switzerland, Austria, Italy and possible France (boarding), then we'll send our gear home and off to Thailand for some sun!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly motel style accommodation Whatcha thoughts...
  2. My husband and I have been doing ski holidays for years but for this particular trip we just can't decide what luggage to take... We will be having a 3 week stay traveling through Hokkaido & then continuing on to Europe for 3 weeks with our boards, before sending them back home & continuing our travels. We have both travelled through Japan, but not through Europe so we're unsure what to expect. HELP PLEASE... Backpacks or Wheelie bag????????????????????????
  3. MOTZA = expensive(Aussi slang) Ha Ha
  4. I wash my locks every second day too, i have a friend that's a hair dresser & she told me you should leave it up to 3 days to keep the natural oils in it, but who knows... There's so many different beauty tips floating around. Hey how much would you lovely ladies spend on a descent shampoo/conditioner?? Some of my friends spend a motza...
  5. I believe it can happen (not that's it's happened to me).
  6. OMG - that is so wrong, did they say that there was any point to it, or someone just being a sicko... I would of just gone off
  7. OMG i can't get over some of those vendo's. that cracks me up. I'm like the queen of skill tester, those lobsters wouldn't know what hit them if i got my hands on that machine!
  8. My first set up was all hand me down gear off my partner (clothing wise) and rental gear. The only thing i really splurged on after a few seasons was boots & bindings and in saying that my boots are a fare few seasons old now, but their that comfy that i'd never get rid of them... For me it was just what ever i was comfy in. I guess it's each to their own.
  9. Hey guys, been having a quick read over your forum tonight, i too was just in Niseko last season and found that there was an exceptional amount of westerners compared to recent years. I didn't find that the locals nor the area had actually lost it's charm, but has adopted some aussi agrigance. This season was the first time i actually wasn't that fussed about going out all that often to some of my fav hang outs due to the copious amounts of aussi (western) men, that behaved like dogs on serious heat! Apart from this though i still enjoy my time there and will return next season...
  10. JEANS ROCK! Their an all time classic, you can get away with them on most occassions. Dress em up or down...
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