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  1. Quote: An auction of components from the defunct supersonic airliner Concorde is being held in south-western France. Parts on sale include cockpit instruments, oxygen masks, baggage compartments doors, landing gear - and even a toilet seat. The four-day auction in Toulouse is to raise funds for an aeronautical park to be built in the French city. Concorde - an Anglo-French project - operated commercially from 1976, but was retired in 2003 amid rising costs. I hope all the parts are clean. I'd buy the landing gear and put it in the garden.
  2. I had some really delicious goma flavoured ramen last night. It was quite different, sweet with cold noodles. Nice. With gyoza of course.
  3. They should have made it $200 million then!
  4. Wii is fun, but it also is in real need of new decent games. It's not looking likely for another few months. The consoles were all released to early.
  5. I was not in Japan over the winter. Seems like a good winter to miss. I'll be in Japan next winter though.
  6. I'm doing ok this year so far - --- - how are others doing?
  7. Last year was hell. I hope this year is much better.
  8. She probably means "food suitable only to dogs, not humans". ie poor quality meat. I say the same thing sometimes.
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