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  1. Skidai, I thought that Winter Spots Festa was all snowboard gear. I was gonna go too till my wife said she thought they only had boarder gear.


    I'm hitting up Makuhari this weekend, some friends said that that's the best ski sale around Tokyo. Supposed to be ****ing huge!!! Can't wait, I'm gonna go there right after I get out of school on Friday. I was thinking everyone would go on Sat. and I could scoop up some deals on Fri. but just found out last week that this Fri. is a Holiday, and I'll prolly miss out on all the good shit beacause I have a school event this Fri. till 4. If I knew I could pick up some size 29 Diablo Mags. on the cheap I'd call in sick, but I hate wasting sick days when there's no snow on the ground just as much as I hate wasting sick days when I'm home sick.

  2. The DC video was sick, haven't seen the special edition though. What did they add to it? As amazing as Danny Way is, and as far as he's pushing skating I'm just not into that type of circus skating. Ofcourse he kills it on street too, and def. has the biggest sack in skating but...

    Flip def. stepped shit up with "Sorry", but my fav. of all time is Aliens "Photosynthesis"

  3.  Quote:
    Originally posted by YellowSnow:
    Every year I lose my two big toenails. Even I cut them but landing heavy jumps sometimes just burst them off. Or have to rip the rest of them off later.
    My toe nails always fall off too, But the worst injury was last year on the red side of hakuba it got a big foggy. I busted into the trees for a bit, and some buttplug took a big dump right in the middle of my line, I cut left and BLAM right into a tree, split my ****in helmet couldn't believe it!!!
  4. Yeah, it's lame. I had a friend who had two accounts on Ebay using one only at work and one at home. He tried to drive his auctions prices up, and Ebay froze both accounts within about a week. They stay on top of that shit. JYahoo is a free4all.


    That guy might have multiple accounts, outbid you with one of them and then left perfect feedback to himself. He must have done that since he said the high bidder backed out, but they still left feedback. That's what my Mother in law does. She says that's just how it is, everyone does that. Sometimes if you scan the sellers feedback you can find multiple buys from the same buyer. In that case I assume it's prolly that seller outbidding lowballers.

  5. May be a scam, but might not be.

    I've heard that on Yahoo Japan you can have multiple accounts with the same IP. My Mother in law is always on there making her bids go higher with one of her multiple accounts. They have that anti-sniping thing where if someone bids at the last minute that it adds 10 min. to the auction. It seems that alot of people play that to their advantage. Of all the shit that I've bought off there it always seemed as if the seller was bidding on their own item to make me outbid them.

  6. Well you didn't miss much. In the end he just stumbled into his greenhouse, shotgun in hand as usual. Then in the next scene some new character (maybe the landlord) found him just as his soul escapes. After his death the roomates left for So Cal. cause they thought they were suspects or something. I don't know wakaranai.gif

    The closing scene was the roomates cruising down the road in silence if I remember correctly.

  7.  Quote:
    Originally posted by ger:
    That reminds me of Gus VanSant's recent movie, 'Last Days' where he chronicles this [censored]ed up rocker's last days. I would read the Cobain book but I couldn't even get through Van Sant's two hour movie.
    YUP, that's what I'm talking about, about 40 min of the movie was Kurt stumbling around the woods mumbling some bullshit that you can't even make out. I didn't understand a word he said the whole movie!!!
  8. Man, the other day I went to Tsutaya and got that DVD "The last days", did anyone else watch that? Holy shit was that lame. Could have been interesting if it was just a doc. of his whole life rather than the last couple days.

    It seems that the song "about a girl" was about some Japanese girl that one of the members had a one night stand with while on tour in Japan. Said something like that was the finest POA he ever had.

  9.  Quote:
    Originally posted by sunrise:
    Originally posted by grungy-gonads:

    And, girls, do you like my avatar? \:\)
    No. Except for the humor factor.
    lol.gif lol.gif Yeah, dude that avatar is ****in tacky. I'm gonna make one just like it, but I'm broke as a joke so I'll stand in front of my wifes mama-churi. cool.gif (don't even have my own bike)
  10.  Quote:
    Originally posted by me jane:
    I don't think they are that expensive. Guess it depends on if you are just going for the design or need "brand" ones.
    I think he's saying they're a waste of money. If so, I agree. Even if they have them at the 100 yen shop, I'd rather buy some markers or something.
  11. Yeah slow, I didn't go to the Yokohama show because they weren't allowed to have guests at that show. I didn't wanna pay $60 cause I only wanted to see Lotus and I knew they would only play 35 minutes. I did go to the other shows and they were sick!!! I'm running bit torrents of the Shizuoka show as well as the Tokyo show if anyone wants to check them out.

    http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=25661 Shizuoka

    http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=25745 Tokyo

  12. Man, I could never do a triathalon though, I think that's amazing. I just love being on the trail taking my time meeting kind folk.


    Yo cheese, Did you ever listen to String Cheese Incident? They must be right up your alley, and they're coming to Fuji Rock this year, I love that band.


    EBC, Thanks that might be the guy. Even though I've been here for a third of my life, I can't read/speak any Japanese so... Did you hear that kids stay away from mass psychedelics!!!

  13. I started my first section last spring, put in 2 mths., just got back from a 2mth. hike a couple weeks ago, and in late summer I'll finish. Then I'm gonna wait a year and thru-hike it in Spring 08'. The AT is a a bit popular in the states, but alot of people come from other countrys to hike it as well. It is a major commitment to through hike it taking most 6 mths. to finish it. After the AT in 08' I plan to hike the PCT from Canada to Mexico (4023 km.) in 09', and then onto the CDT, also from Canada - Mexico (4828 km.)in 10' The AT if def. the easiest one consisting mostly of rolling hills with many resupply spots.


    Def. feel ya on the newfound values upon marriage, if I had a little one I too would surely settle way down, so I'm gonna wait abit.

  14. BTW, I've heard theres a guy in Tokyo that's summited several 8000m peaks and has a buisness for High Altitude training using some crazy equipment in a chamber that replicates the high altitude experience. Can anyone type Japanese good enough to run a search on that? I can't find anything.


    Googled this up, but I thought theres a permanent training center in Tokyo


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