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    Originally posted by tsondaboy:
    If you commit suicide like that in Japan, not only you mast hate yourself, but you must also hate the guts of your family too. The fines that the family has to pay after one of their members dives in front of a train start from 10,000,000 ¥ and can go up to 100,000,000 depending on how long the trains were stopped if it was on rush hour etc.
    I heard that if someone jumps in front of a JR train that the family doesn't have to pay. I heard that the fee only applies to private lines. But of course I may be wrong.

    Whatever the case that is some heavy shit. I don't know what would go through my head after experiencing something like that. I often have to wait for trains that are delayed because of it, but never been so close. I guess it's just a matter of time riding the Yamanote daily.
  2.  Quote:
    Originally posted by Indosnm:
    What do you expect from a bunch of military dudes?
    Did they wear their uniforms?

    Actually it seems they were dressed like dogs, or various Marvel comic characters.

    Exactly, what can you expect. I've had problems with a couple of military kids before. Anytime I go to a concert and see Military personel they often make not only themselves look stupid but foreigners in general, especially Americans. I'm not saying all of them are like that cause there are some decent people in the armed forces.
    But, the way I see it is they come over here to Japan immature, inexperienced in life, and are given freedoms that they have never experienced since many come here very young. As said earlier they treat Japan like it's their home country not realising that they are representing their country. If anyone has been on a base in Japan it does seem like a piece of America. When alchohol comes into play LOOK OUT!!!

    ***Once again not directing this towards any particular person or forum member(s) as I have never met any of the forum members that belong to the US forces. Just a general observation.
  3. I know I can't believe she waited that long, she said she got there, saw the line going ALL THE WAY TO TOKYU HANDS and said "**** this", but she went and got a cup of coffee and sat on the ledge outside. Some folks walked out of KK, sat next to her and started muchin their donuts they just got. She said they let out an Ehhhhhh! Oisshhhhiiii!!! Cho Oishiii!, and then one of them started describing them, and comparing them to Mr.D's. After that she said the donuts were "calling her".




    Ah sorry about that.

    Don't forget to bring a fold up stadium chair if your gonna go jump in that line though. I'm hoping things will cool down after awhile so I can stop and grab some on the way to work in the morning I already have to wake up at 5:15 to get to work on time so not trying to get up any earlier just to get KK. Not that they're not worth it though.


    BTW, there's a Starbucks right next to the KK.

  4. Right on. I almost always go solo as well.

    Gala is the perfect place for that being so easy/fast to get to. I've never been there when it was crowded though.


    I love pow, but I don't mind groomers as well. I learned to ski in Michigan riding 300 vert ft. of blue ice with roots and rocks poking through so you'll never hear me complain about conditions.

  5. Well, we now have Krispy Kreme in Japan.

    I saw it on the news the other day.

    I think this must be the only shop in Japan in Shinjuku across the bridge from Tokyu Hands second floor exit.


    I told my wife about them so she went there and had to wait in line for an hour and a half.

    :rolleyes: It's just like the shops in the states with the little donut factory/assembly line in the window. Yummy


    They must be making a fortune on these things. I bet these would go for a mint on Yahoo auction too if anyone needs some extra cash.

  6. You could take the bus or the train.


    If it was me I would take the bus so I didn't have to transfer all my luggage. The bus will take you doorstep to doorstep, and you will still go right through Tokyo.


    But, the train will likely be right on time where the bus MAY be a bit late, but they are usually pretty damn close to schedule. If taking the bus, I would leave a hour and a half leeway to account for a late bus or check-in delays which I've never experienced at Haneda but...

  7. My wife buys those, but she isn't all into it.

    She usually only buys one or so, she doesn't wake up early to get to the shop first or nothing like her sister.


    It depends, Some of them you have no idea what so ever what's inside where others they will show you, or you can see through the bags a bit.

    Alot of them are quite pricey, but you usually get double or more of the price in merchandise.


    She got skunked last year.

    She bought one from a shop that she like's, but didn't like anything that was inside.

    Oh well she almost got her money back from Yahoo auctions by selling the items. I'd rather her buying those than blowing all our money in the Pachinko parlor or something. It is still a gamble.

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