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  1. Quote: Originally posted by Creek Boy: >forecast is rain for 3 days this weekend BOOOOOO fack, are you serious? that sucks, I might not go then and save my money...or travel somewhere else ...hmmm, its been a long time since I went to Tokyo... Come out bro!!!! I`ll buy some Saammmmmyyyyysssss!!! Have you ever seen Zilla? http://www.zillamusic.com/bio.html They`re playing 3 shows in Kanto this weekend. Sick ass band, when they`re on. First night of the run their playing with Razoku which is my fav. J band. Fri. nights show bound to be MOVING! EBC, your coming to Tokyo
  2. Dude, I`m an alchey!!!! Your never gonna let me forget about that are you CB? I`ll have to try to pay you off by bringing a sixer of Sammys next time we cross paths. That was my bad though, I admit, Really bad form. So this earthquake almost turned into some serious shit cause Newky Browns are like 350!! That`s like 50 cents a swig yall!!
  3. Yup gots lots of Phish. Bout 900 CDs (350 shows) prolly 300-350 shows on DAT. Then I have about 200 shows FLAC`d on my porta HD Plus about 60 shows on DVD!!!! Have a lot more shows back at home on DAT and cassette. Pops Grateful Dead collection blows my Phish collection out the water, but that`s not really in "my" house.
  4. Quote: Originally posted by 69: Looks like 3 http://www.jma.go.jp/jp/quake/04211000391.html Aw yup, same shit. What ever the case it almost commited the ultimate crime by makin me spill my beer.
  5. Not surprised in the slightest. To add to CBs comment: As my good (black) friend always says "J girls love the night stick!!"
  6. I think it was a 4 centered around Kanagawa.
  7. Ah, I was thinking you meant tomorrow anyways. Still not sure, I wont know till my wife finishes work but will keep you posted.
  8. Alright, my wife may go as well. I'll shoot ya a mail tonight if we goin.
  9. Quote: Originally posted by SirJibAlot: If the dump is good enough - call in with Bird Flu - that'll give you the whole week off! Who's heading to Yuzawa this w/e? I may, You gonna ride?
  10. Surely you trolling, But damn brah WTF are you talkin about? How can you be concerned about the resorts not making money but say it`s cool to buy a used pass. Sure the pass was payed for by one person, but it still takes money from the resort. When you buy a used pass the resort makes nothing, it`s the exact same as not paying at all to the resort. When you go to Bamiyan and get the drink bar is it cool to share it between two people? Is Starbucks cool if you drink half your frap. and go selling the remainder out front? Is it cool if you rent bowling shoes and sell them off to someone when y
  11. Quote: Originally posted by ger: Has anyone here skied Corbet's? Is it a crazy as they make it sound? Is there another way in other than dropping several meters? Is it considered on-piste at JH? I've always wanted to go to JH but I don't like the idea of a long vertical drop onto an extreme steep. Quite mandatory although I know I once saw a pic of Coombs with his back damn near parallel to his skis riding the top, he prolly did air a bit no matter what though. and Yeah Corbet's is a marked run though it doesn't open till later in the season ofcourse. I don't think it's the steepest ru
  12. OK, sooooo let me get this straight Thursday. It`s OK to buy used day passes, but you`ll burn in hell if you don`t buy a pass? That`s pretty funny since your reasoning is that the resorts are loosing money, gonna go out of buisness... How is it that you figure resorts make money off somebody buying someones used day pass?
  13. I can`t believe those goggles made it all the way back home. I left them behind twice. Yeah CB I would have payed someone to be there to share that Sammy with. Especially as I was standing at every intersection, scratching my head, saying to myself did he say right or left? Then going right walking a hundred meters and thinking No, I think he said left, walking back to the intersection and thinking Oh, I know exactly where I am I gotta go straight!!! But yeah, I do admit that Sammys are meant to be passed, but there wasn`t a soul out there!!!!
  14. Ah yeah, I`m still alive. Yup Gogalago I made it. It was quite a walk. with the path in a blurred swirl and all. I thought I was fine till I stood up to walk out the door. I was gonna stop by 902 to see if CB was still there, but I guess I forgot in the 20 meters to the turnoff. I reached in my pocket and found a Sammy Smiths nut brown ale in there, I was pretty surprised to find that and didn`t want it to get too shook up so I had one more which was like the kiss of death. I think it took me about a hour and a half or two hours to get back, but I must have taken the scenic route. SJ
  15. Diamond hall is a nice venue. I've been there for a couple shows. I'm terrible at estimating how many a venue can hold, but I'd say it prolly holds 1,000 or so. Non smoking too, not like that really means anything. I might hit the Tokyo show.
  16. Quote: Originally posted by SerreChe: That ice-axe is screaming for hemorroids. Whoooohhh!!! Didn't even notice the axe in there. Where's the shaft? Is there a sleeve for it or something? Also as I keep looking at that pack it seems the skis are only across one side rather than across the whole pack. I know youv'e had your sticks in there at least walking around the living room or something Powderoo, how's that setup work?
  17. It does seem that they also meant for them to go in an A frame like Toque said too using the red straps. The red straps seem a bit forward though where the tails may dig in if you were climbing anything steep. I use the DAKINE Poacher where the skis sit diagnal, and I think I prefer that setup to an A frame setup for some reason. Only prob. with my pack is my tails barely fit through the loop on the bottom of the pack, if my skis were any wider or the tails just a touch bigger they wouldn`t fit. That Marmot pack seems to have much more room. BUT, the weight of the skis is quite a bit farth
  18. Quote: Originally posted by farquah: Motherhucker, PM me may have one space left in the car if you don`t mind it being a bit cramped. or email scrummr@hotmail.com Thanks alot!!!! Sent an Email, but I`m not really sure it worked.
  19. OK, no problem. Thanks anyways Slow See you there. and thanks for the link!! Farquah, keep me posted. I'll def. take you up on that if you've got the space. If not I'll prolly bus up cause the train will put a serious dent in my booze fund.
  20. Quote: Originally posted by Powderoo: Quote: Originally posted by Motherhucker: Ah, have you rode those yet? My friend has a pair of those Sanouks. He said they blow. Actually he only rode them once and has been trying to sell them ever since, but everyone he lets ride them doesn't like em. He compares them to driving a 71' Cadillac with the original shocks. Basically too soft and lazy to turn. sounds like my ex girlfriend. What? Fat and lazy?
  21. Anybody going up Fri. night or Sat. morning from Tokyo? I can help pay gas, tolls, and such. Or anybody ever hitchhike in Japan? I've only done it a few of times in the states, it wasn't that easy to find a ride and I almost got arrested once. Is it OK to do here?
  22. Ah, have you rode those yet? My friend has a pair of those Sanouks. He said they blow. Actually he only rode them once and has been trying to sell them ever since, but everyone he lets ride them doesn't like em. He compares them to driving a 71' Cadillac with the original shocks. Basically too soft and lazy to turn.
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