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  1. Quote: Originally posted by Indosnm: JPCHUCKY, It's bad table manners in the west but it's not here. Get used to it. Eating food with fingers, slurping, etc are all part of the experience. I don't like western eating ways.. Where no noise is good, one must use knife and fork etc. Really, wow thanks in the 9 years I've been here I never noticed that bad table manners were legit Almost nothing is eaten with fingers, so I have no idea what your talking about there. My father inlaw eats potato chips with chopsticks. You listen to Jpop, don't you?
  2. Theres one thing that really gets me pissed off. That's bad table manners. It's pretty wierd cause I'm a f*ckin dirtball, but this really gets to me when I go out to eat and I see someone get in the lawnmower starting position and them ppppppppppffffffffffffffffttttttttttttt What gives? I was recently taklking about this with a Chinese-American friend of mine and he never noticed it. I figured as a child he may have eaten alot of noodles and has always been around that sound. The other is when people smack everything. I heard a guy smacking soup today WTF? Am I just nuts?
  3. Quote: Originally posted by CHEESE: Why would you be lighting a filthy ciggie on the lift in the first place? The real question is Why would a dude use a word like lovely?
  4. sounds dangerous do not, I repeat DO NOT no matter how hard the wind may be blowing on the lift, do not try to light a ciggie by putting it in your 1 piece.
  5. Quote: Originally posted by quattro: one pice suits are for eurotrash Good call, took the words right outta my mouth. Neon falls into this catagory as well.
  6. Quote: Originally posted by snowbender: NEar where I live there is a place where there are 10 machines all lined up together... same shop. 5 of them sell Coke - the same can for the same price. I don't understand that. Exactly WTF. My favorite is the ciggie machine lights which are on all night, but the damn machine is closed anyway.
  7. So easy to picture. Must smell like Ikebukuro.
  8. I had a friend who ingested a similar tea. If taken orally DMT MUST be mixed with another plant with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Usually Psychotria viridis is used which has high levels of DMT. It's usually mixed with Banisteriopsis caapi, which have harmala alkaloids that are powerful MAOIs. The two are boiled into a tea. If DMT is taken Orally it lasts longer than any other method of ingestion.(about an hour) As a young wook I would attend rainbow gatherings in the states where DMT was always available for smoking. It's very heady. Comparable to Mescaline / Peyote, but very
  9. Thats lobster catcher is sweet. It looks like it just drops them like a meter in the back (just like the reg. ones) and then them things come out swingin. And yes those vending machine lights blow. When I ride my bike home from work theres one (actually a triple set of them like you mention)on a really dark corner, and it just totally blinds me for a second. It's like heaven.
  10. Forgot about "yard sale" used to say that all the time. Fuu*uuuuck he "ate sh*t" (censored enough?) is what usually comes outta my mouth.
  11. Akitsu, Tokyo A 30 second walk from Saitama.
  12. Phish (92 times) Ekoostic hookah (49 times) Moe (32 times) SCI (22 times) Phil and friends (13 times) Grateful dead (6 times) Yonder Mtn. (5 times) Disco biscuits (7 times) Lots of others from festivals And some Japnese Jambands Meltone (11 times) Big Frog (10 times) Razoku ( 10 times) Sardinehead (7 times) Tegwon (6 times) Dachambo (6 times)
  13. Well I usually don't wear a shirt while attending dogfights. Who does? Can't touch neon. to gay.
  14. Well in that case. Maybe you can come stay at my place and I can go up with ya for the day. Email comin.
  15. Im a big fan of the Vasque Sundowner. A bit pricey but they'll last forever. I've been wearing the pair I have for 5 years straight and Dayamn do they smell but...
  16. Yup, next year it's on, I need a car. Dang Kintaro, I used to live on Oahu also. Eva beach.
  17. I wouldn't even wear neon to a dogfight. Anything that's so bright it needs batteries is out of the question.
  18. Actually, you would have to be on the train by 8:40, which may be possible. Everytime I've flown into Japan the arrival time has been figured by the time you'll get out of customs. Ofcourse that's not guaranteed but... You should be in Shinjuku by 10:10 because that station is huge, and quite confusing with people everywhere going everywhich direction. If your on the train by 8:40 you'll arrive in Shinjuku at 10:11 assuming you know how to transfer trains, and know exactly where your going. Heres a website for train times: http://www.hyperdia.com
  19. The time you stated is surely cuttin it close. The fastest way is to take Keisei line to Nish-Nippori and transfer to the Yamanote line > Shinjuku.
  20. Since I don't live in the mountains, and don't get to ski so much. YES, always try to spend as much time as possible on the mountain first tracks or not.
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