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  1. Hi where im staying in Hakuba & wont have internet access however im going to need it on a regular basis. I heard somethign about a card i can purchase for my laptop to access the wireless net. Any information on how i could access the net on my laptop would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. also i dont mean to offend anyone on here who may be japanese, but i was told by a chick friend who is japanese that i should bring my own condoms over? yes?
  3. brisbane is dirty ha! southbank is nice however. Also its close to the goldcoast which is awesome. My univeristy is around 40 minutes from the beach which is good.
  4. nice cant wait to see some hot japanese chicks on the slopes.
  5. how far is hakuba cortina from nagano itself? it is a long trip to nagano station?
  6. ohh man that looks sweet. all ive riden is ice and grass and the occasional rock in australia.
  7. When i go ill take a lot of photos and post a page on cortina.
  8. Quote: Originally posted by fb_steve: hey newcomic i replied to your post on ocau, good to see you signed up here! we should have a beer or a ride there WHen are you in Hakuba? SOunds good.
  9. Quote: Originally posted by enderzero: btw - Don Hertzfeldt? You guys know about his stuff?? Yeah man his stuff was pretty popular at my college a while back. everyone knew about it.
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