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  1. We are staying at Toyo hotel in Asahikawa. It is close to one of the hotels for the bus route to Kamui and is only 3000 pp a night.
  2. You can buy last season boards in Tokyo for not such famous names for around 10,000-20,000yen. The best place is Ochanomizu in Tokyo. If you are going for only 5 days or so you won't be carrying much.
  3. All I can say is read the morning report at all lifts in the morning which includes snowpack, layers, wind and most importantly where the bad areas are. Then decide what you are going to do. If the report says dont duck then don't! If you read the reports and have enough experience or are with an experienced person, you may decide not to use a guide. These days most of the guides whom work for cashed up tour companies in Niseko are from Australia and are unfamiliar with the area and dagerous areas.
  4. The picture was taken within bounderies. In fact the photo is right next to the King Hooded Triple lift. So what you might be trying to say then is inside the resort boundaries are unsafe? If you stick to bc runs which people go to and don't go off wherever without asking a local then he should be safe. If however he ventures out of bounds at will without approaching it the right way then of course he will be unsafe. The Annupuri side of the peak is usually very unstable with weak layers and should be accessed properly by a guide or Mountaineer. The resorts backcountry is 'own risk'
  5. So what you are saying is if he ducks the ropes in Niseko he will be hit by a snow storm and die?
  6. I am just stating that most of Niseko is quite flat and there aren't may chances of avalanches unless you venture on the other side of the peak. I am assuming he is going to be showed the backcountry with a guide. I am just saying you don't need a guide to find powder in Niseko. If you are not confident riding powder without a guide then maybe stick to the groomed runs or go on a tour.
  7. Hello we are heading to Asahikawa then Daisetsuzan while we are staying in Asahikawa we want to hit Kamui ski links. Does anyone know how to get to Kamui by bus from Asahikawa?
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