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  1. does that comment about judged sports should not be at the olympics include moguls and half pipe. by the way i thought the american girls got ripped off in the pipe.I thought they were 1st to 4th
  2. excellent.Whenever i have been able to get to the mountains the snow has been joyous.
  3. Are any of your friends beginners too? I would say wherever your friends are going because i think its more fun with your mates.If your friends are all going to ditch you then head elsewhere.
  4. Someone mentioned to me that you can do a short OB talk at Cortina(not to be confused with backcountry/avi coarse).Is this true/does anyone have more info?
  5. that is a scary clip.no wonder he was saying get me the f$#k out of here.
  6. Watching the news the other night they said the cold weather was due to an unusal cold depression over the whole korea japan siberia region but they expect it to go back to normal in the new year.
  7. im just wondering if O11 goes to a new country and instantly pronounces every city's name correctly
  8. Sorry ,should have mentioned but you can get tickets that let you ski at the resort next to it too.
  9. Gala yuzawa has a bullet train station as part of the resort and about 1.5 hours by train from tokyo.Really easy
  10. your only going to need a bigger powder board if it dumps a shed load.Otherwise you can use the same board as in oz. If you have the access to the 2 boards i would bring both but make sure your not going to be paying excess luggage charges
  11. You can buy magazines that go step by step through different tricks They show correct and incorrect body positions etc.The only prob though is that i have only ever seen them in japanese. Im not sure of your j ability but have a look.
  12. If you can afford it go the lessons It is easier for the instructor to spot what you are doing wrong than to correct and fix yourself.
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