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  1. Quote: They would stop the games to make people pull upn their socks and tuck their shirts in. Haha, that sure doesn't sound very 'rugby'!!
  2. Skippy steaks! A place near me seems to specialise in things like that - ostrich, wani (crocodile?), as well as a few other gruesome sounding things on the menu.
  3. Quote: eventually they'll just fall down from their own weight I think it's all just a misunderstanding of the language used when planning. After all, nihongo wa muzukashii desu ne (even for Japanese!) At least that's what I'm told all the time. But this is quite shocking. There seems to be an awful lot of info about earthquakes going on these days - I'm sure more than before. Perhaps the people in the know know something?
  4. If I don't want to go to a bonenkai (or other useless meeting people feel obliged to go to even if they hate everyone else there and want to be anywhere else but the party)....., phew, I just tell 'em I'm just not going. And I encourage the others to do the same. They don't take any notice though.
  5. Basically my job is "being a gaijin". It gets tiring being a gaijin.
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