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  1. Things move sloooooooooooowwwwww. Encountering what seems like a little resistance at the place I wanted....
  2. Are the pelicans any better at landing from a jump than they are at normal landing.
  3. misorano - they're generally pretty good at shouting and being "wacky".
  4. Chip butties! It is a long long time since I had a good chip buttie! Remind me what they're like. No, wait, don't.....
  5. Excellent, an inspiration! I am getting things moving hopefully I can find somewhere for when there is no snow.
  6. Hey thanks, I will look into it. What are you getting up to then with yours?
  7. Did some skiing when I was younger and looking forward to checking out the slopes here as well this winter.
  8. To whoever, top site! Looking forward to winter. Anyways, I'm new here and to Fukushima and want to take advantage of the countryside. Interested in getting some land (somehow) to grow some veggies and other stuff, maybe keep some animals. Anyone on here ever done that and any tips on how to go about it? Cheers.
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