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  1. I was talking to some friends over the last few days and quite a few didn't go snowboard yet because of the weather and snow conditions (like, too much). Also read in newspaper about some resort saying numbers are low and they say because of conditions. Some people here not go because of like that? I'm going Yamagata this weekend for a few, going to some work as well
  2. Haha I like that. I like to try and understand English humor it make me laugh. Sometimes I find Japanese humor kinda childish and not so clever.
  3. I work as dj in club and see many strategy and hearing the lines for nampa. Omoshiroi yo
  4. That happens way before I get up in a morning (more like afternoon)
  5. I've seen a few in my time. Being a dj on the slopes is a good job to have sometimes
  6. That sounds sweet - would love to try it. Any particular places to recommend.
  7. My breakfast time is often the time most people call lunch
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