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  1. I think my reasons for not having fun at Zao are, as number9 said, because of the flats. I suppose being able to maintain speed through them comes with local knowledge, which I have yet to obtain at Zao. The gondola bomb run, however, sounds rather intriguing. You'll have to enlighten me OBM... Until then, I guess I'll be spending my time at Eboshi.
  2. I don't know about Zao... Ive never had a REALLY good day there. Jangle-Jungle was nice because it was so close. I'll certainly miss it for the odd day when I don't feel like going too far away.
  3. My FAVOURTIE small local ski resort Jangle-Jungle, has had to close for the season due to an avalanche/rock fall damaging the road up to it. Work cant begin until the road has thawed, apparently. A major blow. Your condolences please.
  4. I surf the internet and study Japanese. Oh, and teach. Apparently.
  5. 5000 yen a month buys me a school lunch fit for a 12 year old girl every day. It NEVER fills me up though . My record is 9 quarters.
  6. Has anyone ever been down a closed non-lit piste during a nighter session with a headtorch or similar? I have a fairly powerful one from a Fuji climb, and was discussing with buddies what it would be like... I say fun. Advice/suggestions/ridicule for this idea please.
  7. Slightly oxymoronic, granted, but can anyone recommend a digital camera that takes decent(ish) video and can survive a crash or two? You never know where a good oportunity for filming will turn up, and while I love my bombproof old brick of a camera, the "video" it can take is hardly worthy of the name. Im looking to spend 40000 to 50000yen. Bar buying an actual video camera and giving up on my quest, does anyone have any advice?
  8. Its all about the seasonal fruits for breakfast during the warmer months, then heavy warming things during the winter. But I agree, you should NEVER skip breakfast, it sets you up for the day.
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