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  1. I hate not having breakfast, it really screws a day up.
  2. I saw Lords of Dogtown last night - its a dramatization of the events portrayed in the awesome docu "Dogtown and Z-Boys"
  3. Shockwave: The Countdown to Hiroshima Sobering but very interesting read.
  4. I'm into oden as well (though not the 7-11 "with added dust" version),
  5. What are you trying to do? That's hardly welcoming to newcomers is it? If you don't have anything constructive to say, why say it? matt - you might want to start by looking over info for stuff in Nagano, Hokkaido, Niigata perhaps and go from there. There's lots of other info and answers on these forums as well (I've used them a lot), but if you have questions they'll have to be a bit more specific to get good answers (and avoid fools as above). Good luck.
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