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  1. I'm like Amos. Don't go by the temperature though, go by what I'm feeling.... cold and it goes on.
  2. They are ALL included, as is the bus needed if you do want to go to Kumanoyu/Yokoteyama.
  3. Do you start an email just with the name, or a Hi or a Dear? ---- Dave Hi Dave Dear Dave ---- I always seem to be a Hi Dave kinda guy, but got some friends who are always Dear (seems a little too formal!), then the cold people who just write the name. What else is there.
  4. Our family all seem to be huggers. I'm a good hugger. If any females with to find out what a good hug is, just ask
  5. No way, no drink during a day, it just spoils it for me on the few times I have. Quite a lot in the evenings though (Other) drugs? Never touch them.
  6. I like that part of Gala (in the photo above). Problem is when you get tons of people on there that really shouldn't be. They are steep slopes, but lots of people go even though they spend most of their time on their backs or just simply stuck.
  7. If they go wrong do you get your money back I wonder? Or do you have to be ripped open again?
  8. I got 4 mails the other day, each from a different address, each with the subject line: Your girfriend is not satisfied.
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