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  1. ummm, no. The way I look at it, why should people have to kiss the arse of the local inhabitants of the place they visit? Thats not what tourism is about. We Australians know this, because we recieve lots of foriegn visitors, especially a lot of Japanese. As for the problem of Aussie hooliganism spoiling peoples experiences on the slopes, then all I can say is go somewhere else.......There are so many places to enjoy winter sports in Japan. Personally, as a boarder I rarely see foriegners at all. Had Hida Kawaii all day today pretty much with me and just a few locals. And thats wha
  2. We are proud of our criminal and anti-authoritarian cultural heritage. Getting loaded and stealing stuff in foriegn countries is normal behavior for us, not for the benefit of personal gain, but because it is fun. I once stole a police motorbike in Manilla and got chased around by the local cops armed with sawn off shot guns. It was a good hoot, I enjoyed it and offer no apologies. And for the record, the reason Australians are coming to Japan to ski is because Japan itself has been marketing heavily to Australia via Japan yokoso. It means they want and need the money, and are....well, u
  3. yeah I did read it, but after the third or fourth whinge about people enjoying themselves on holiday...I really had to wonder.
  4. OK, so what percentage of Australians are wrecking, thieving and causing trouble? What exactly are they wrecking? What shit do they steal? And what trouble? Is this the majority of people? Or the minority? Lets get the facts straight.
  5. Whats the major complaint here? You see some foreigners enjoying themselves on the slopes and it ruins your totally unique Japan experience? Do people that invest in an overseas holiday have to behave in the way the local gaijin population expect them to? I think that it is rather obvious that people who embark on an overseas vacation skiing or boarding are going to party hard and get their moneys worth. So far there hasn't been any complaints from the locals about the money flowing in to the local economy. Who are the 'real' arrogant people here then?
  6. I dont sneeze much......4 out of five, BUT half my apartment is piled up trash, the other dirty clothes. Certified oyaji, and proud. Can someone please get me a woman?
  7. I watched it and felt homesick for about 3 seconds..........
  8. I dont really think its about high quality/ low quality. The fact is Japanese people buy cool new shit and then use it a few times and then ditch it through the second hand shops or yahoo. Its about buying new, or buying second hand.... shit, I dont mind as long as it does the job.
  9. Quote: Even downhill suits. But they couldn't ski for crap and were falling all over th place on this short and flat slalom course. Coolio....all that stuff will be in Hard Off Sports maybe this year.
  10. Im quite proud of the fact I got fully kitted for less than 10,000 yen. Hard Off Sports Gifu rocks the house.
  11. Hi, Im moving to Takayama to live next week. Being a bit of a noob, was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on the area itself. Good parks? Bad parks? Any mellow cruisy back country joints? Any cool locals that I should get to know? Also, Im into hiking, camping, fishing, biking etc.... I tried google and searching this site but couldnt really find that much...... Cheerz....
  12. Beer is pretty important stuff. Wouldnt want to get halfway around the world to find that it is either unobtainable or too expensive. Its a consumption thing. 500ml cans of happoshu (beer kind of replacement stuff) around 200 yen. Real beer ie Kirin, Asahi cost about 300 yen for 500 ml can. I think wine is cheaper here than Australia except if you want to drink Australian wine. Australian wine is way overpriced.
  13. I got beans, lettuce, snow peas and strawberries. Dont know how theyll go though.
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