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  1. The other day I was sitting at my co-worker's desk working on his computer when I noticed a rank smell. I looked under his desk and saw that there were fruit flies swarming around his bin - a closer inspection showed a rotten, half-eaten apple and half a meat pie inside. When I mentioned to him that he probably shouldnt throw food in the inside bins because the cleaners only empty them once a week he answered, "That's alright, flies don't bother me". Freak!
  2. Never tried it but I've often seen people doing it in the park. Is it considered a martial art? I'm reasonably flexible... probably the only good side effect from years of gymnastics. I find yoga is really good for just maintaining a basic level of flexibility and strength... but am I alone in thinking it's a little bit boring? Maybe I just don't have the focus for it. Someone recently told me that "pilates kicks yoga's ass". Can anyone vouch for this?
  3. I reckon it's dead and she's just glued it to her nose. Freak!
  4. That is awesome. But I can also see how it could be... inconvenient.
  5. I think he means fartlek. It's a session where you vary the intensity of your workout, e.g. start off steady, then go hard, then slow down to recover, go hard again, then go steady, etc.
  6. I think it is sexism. If everyone in the office was only expected to carry out tasks based on traditional gender roles, well, that would be one thing... but it's not like that. All the girls in our office are expected to do 'men's work' from time to time, e.g. carrying heavy boxes, setting up computer networks, helping the boss lay pavers in the new courtyard, moving office furniture when the carpet cleaners come... the list goes on. These jobs are all outside our position descriptions and most are physically strenuous, but not one of us complains and we're always happy to pitch in and h
  7. Today at work we had a nice farewell lunch for a coworker. Afterwards there was a heap of food that needed to be put away and a pile of dishes and cutlery to be washed. Everyone in the office carried their own stuff into the kitchen... the men left all their stuff on the table and went back to their desks while the women cleaned everything up. It wasn't until we'd almost finished that I said, "Hang on... why is it our responsibility to clean up? Shouldn't the guys be in here helping?" The other ladies agreed that the guys should be helping but then shrugged and said it was "just eas
  8. Don't they have a kid together? I'm sure he wouldn't begrudge the mother of his child a sizeable payout.
  9. Best way to build your stamina fast is this: For the third and seveth kilometres of your jog you need to push yourself to the point where you are really uncomfortable. Not just 'puffed' but 'heart bursting out of your chest' exertion. Each time you go push it a bit farther. After a couple of weeks (maybe sooner) you should be able to do this every second kilometre. When you begin to find it difficult to push yourself out of the 'comfort' zone, go to 10km and start over with this method. Make sure you walk a couple of hundred metres before stretching. Stretching 'cold' can actually
  10. I just got back from seeing Eight Below. It was so sad! I cried twice. Damn you Walt Disney! P.S. Paul Walker is still super hot.
  11. When I was a kid I was standing outside while my dad was hosing the gutters out. He inadvertently sprayed a wasp nest and I got stung by a bunch of wasps. Can't remember how many but quite a few. The worst place to get stung is on the face!
  12. Aw that's nice! My mum's like that with my sister. She'll defend her no matter what, which I find quite annoying. By the same token, I'm my dad's pet so he almost always backs me up. I wonder what it would be like to be an only child. Would it be the kid vs the parents or would one parent always side with the kid?
  13. Quote: Originally posted by me jane: Is it more common in guys? I haven't heard too many stories of girls attacking their men. Not sure. One of my girlfriends has similar issues - the difference is she actually believes the hallucinations are real. She often 'wakes' to find a ghost/decaying corpse sitting on her bed. She sits up and talks to the ghost until her boyfriend wakes up and snaps her out of it. Regardless of what anyone tells her, she truly believes she's talking to dead people (yes, cue Sixth Sense jokes) and it's a 'gift'. If anyone tries to tell her she's just having v
  14. I went to my parents' place today for lunch with the family. During lunch my sister brought up a sensitive topic and an argument broke out. It was quite funny because the old family dynamics kicked in and everyone took the same 'sides' as we did when we were all living under the one roof. The 'sides' are: my mum and my sister on one team and my dad, my younger brother and me on the other. My older brother usually remains impartial, unless he has something to gain by siding with one group. Sneaky bugger. Does anyone else's family have sides when there is an argument?
  15. I prefer the soft type over the hard ones - just my personal preference. Pull-out handles and wheels on the side are also super handy. I always go for bright coloured ones as well, makes them somewhat easier to spot at baggage claim.
  16. That's even worse! He's lucky he didn't get electrocuted!
  17. I don't know any girl who would refuse to date a guy because he's uncircumsized. Having said that, most girls I know do prefer the chopped model for reasons other than just aesthetics.
  18. Me Jane, my boyfriend suffers from sleep hallucinations too. It's a pain the arse! The other night I awoke to him yelling at me to get up quickly. I panicked and jumped out of bed not knowing what the hell was going on. I flicked on the light to see him crouched on the floor holding down a pillow, as though he'd trapped something. He said, "Don't be scared but there's a huge f*cking rat, it was running around the room and I've caught it". Of course I started freaking out... then after a minute he goes "Hmm... actually... I think I might have hallucinated the whole thing. Sorry..." I
  19. There's a couple of icebars here in Brisbane. One of the more expensive ones hands allows members to purchase a bottle of top-shelf vodka and keep it in a vault for their personal use. You also get a fur coat to wear inside.
  20. It's still a very common practice in Australia. I wouldn't rely on the internet alone for information. Speak to a doctor - after all, they're qualified.
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