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  1. Cool! Thanks for the tip spud. I'll have to check into that. of course it's a non-issue here...Korea doesn't have $#i+ for snow! I need to move to Japan...or somewhere with snow. 8^)
  2. spud: the skis I use are shaped with metal edges. I've found that traversing wasn't difficult until I encountered solid ice. the skin wasn't holding so I was nearly side stepping up the ice. I slid a couple of times, which must have been quite a sight since I'm not a skier must less a free heeler. If I had shoes I could have gone for the summit that day (a blue bird bummer) so you're right on about snowshoe versatility. I would have stashed my board but the option would have been there. Ski crampons would have gotten me much further than I did, but I don't have them (not even sure if
  3. shoes: better on ice...yes. steep hardpack...only if you're going straight up. better on traverses...no way. traversing up a slope on shoes will torque your foot/leg position unless your in more than 6" powder when you can kick your steps (why kick when you can glide). skiis: heavier...definitely (nothing that's going to "be a pain on your back" though), more cumbersome while riding...not with a decent pack. the energy saved from gliding and not fighting traverses made me convert (i used shoes for 6 years similar to the Denali's). with a 45 lb pack the skiis will work better in
  4. Kumapix, don't forget about the approach ski option. i have a pair of the K2 skis (out of production) and they are way better than snowshoes! I haven't gone the splitboard option yet b/c of the costs so these skis are the next best option. better for traverses, better for the exit! here's a link to karhu's models: link note: if you find a pair of K2's make sure they have the right binding on them.
  5. I second badmigraine's Solomon suggestion. my 163 400 series has been incredible bombing through cascade cement, choppy ice, and every other crappy condition the cascades can throw at you. on the pow days...it floats like a dream! enjoy the new ride! -r
  6. "Go that way... really fast. If something gets in your way...turn" -Charles DeMarr "This is pure snow! It's everywhere! Have you any idea of what the street value of this mountain is?" -Charles DeMarr "The K12 dude. If you make a gnarly run like that girls will go sterile just looking at you!" -Charles DeMarr too many quotes from Charles to post here "I wish it would stop snowing" -a teenage fool from Texass after 8" dropped on Breck throughout the day
  7. huge change! advantyper, here's an indication of the riding in korea...i'm lurking on a japanese site (but there's a reason for that...). my town has had 80 inches in 3 weeks and there's nowhere to ride in the rice paddy flatlands i'm in. there are many resorts here and i've only been to one so far (muju) and half was closed. it is 'early' season (ok, i don't want to hear how much snow everyone else has...let me remain in my bubble) so i still have hope for the steeps and deeps. there are many reasons to visit korea as it is an amazing place, but as far as the riding goes you'll have
  8. aahhh, home sweet home. Heather...wy'east...superbowl. damn i miss that peak
  9. i think the 'police' analogy has gone too far. i continued with SKI's reference, but i wasn't suggesting speed cops out in force giving citations. just not letting near misses capable of fatalities go unchecked...like fattwins yelling at the racer. to the resort, OB is black and white...in bounds or out of bounds. my opinion does not matter to patrol. i guess the greyness can arise when an area opens and closes throughout the season. i can't argue the OB vs. no fun issue...i'll still do it. although i won't have many opportunities for that here. :crying graemlin:
  10. Quote: Originally posted by SKI: I'd be interested to know how you would propose that patrol 'police' (for want of a better word) the slopes for dangerous skiers. hhhhmmmm...correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a part of their job?!?! Are you justifying the status quo of targeting OB riders instead of "dangerous skiers" b/c it's easier? I really don't think it's that complicated. Everyone gets out of control at times, but it's obvious when riders are in over their head or are just going too fast in the wrong place. Suggestions: 1) Patroller stops them or catches up with them at the
  11. oh, I'm not saying that they should ignore one because the other is more dangerous, just that the resorts I've seen (granted, not in Japan) seem to have patrol out and ready to catch the riders going out of bounds when they're ignoring a much greater hazard in bounds. I think these priorities are BS. I know a handful of people who have been injured for the day, the season, or their life getting nailed by someone out of control, and I have heard/read many more horror stories. Some assailants are apologetic, but my friend was out of commission for 2 years after a flailing skier rammed an edg
  12. The only thing I would add to this discussion is this hypothetical situation... 5 days after a good powder dump i decide to duck the rope to get some freshies. Patroller busts me, takes my ticket, and I head out to the groomers to leave in shame. Just then I get nailed by some gumby careening out of control. Which one of us is a bigger danger to others? Which one is more common at a resort?
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