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  1. Congratulations. Hope you and the baby are doing well.
  2. C'mon Kintaro don't stop now. This is the only thread on SJ currently active that would be good on the Jerry Springer show (since the divorce thread broke down). Can't you fire something back at spud about him being the saviour of world banking as we know it. (Get in a good sarcastic jab) One thing I don't get is the link between Guam and Polynesia.
  3. Spuddy: I'm replyng to the topic of the tread. As most people here know, I'm happily married (going on 12 years, with 4 kids to boot), so I don't think I'm quite the lame dude you think I am. My point is that biologically, men (and women) are searching for the best way to preserve their genes. Basic human nature is no different from animals. The only difference is that we have developed social contraints that prevent what comes naturally to us. These contraints give us a option, do we follow at natural felling (i.e shag anyone who is attractive to us), or do we value what we have mor
  4. Those stairs can be a bitch on cold, windy days can't they?
  5. Depends if I go straight from the bedroom to work or from the dining room. Prob. a good 15 seconds from the bedroom, but less than 5 from breakfast. Mind you there may be a change in things that may extend the commute up to 30 seconds.
  6. C'mon spud: Lame is the "...oh what a terrible position to be in..." type post. Either you love your wife enough or you don't. Cane obviously doesn't and wants to find a way out ( I love my wife ... but she's the sort of person who would get a divorce quickly and never look back...). I'm merely pointing him in the right direction by giving him a biological reason for doing what he obviously wants to do. Which part of the post offends you? 1. Marriage is a institution foisted on us by the church 2. Men are biologically not meant to be monogamous 3. Men are naturally draw
  7. Unless you are travelling in a major storm you won't have a problem. If you can get an AWD with snow tyres then you are set. I couldn't believe the difference snow tyres make. National roads seem to be plowed every time about 15cm of snow falls.
  8. Mate, Marriage is an institution foisted on us by the church. Men are biologically not meant to be monogamous. It seems to me you've run into a situation where subconsicously you think your offspring would be better off popping out of another womb, with different DNA. Throw off society's shackles and follow the part of you that sticks out in front. It'll lead you in the right direction.
  9. Perhaps many parallel internets exist in another dimension.
  10. It's not that difficult, but you want to make sure the car has snow tyres. Having a car in Hakuba can be a blessing. Esp if you want to go exploring. Basically it is a expressway trip up to Nagano then the slow road from there.
  11. Aussie network has the game on 4th media.
  12. From superdude024107@aol.com Subject: You always wanted to use your penis as a billiards cue. Message:For your wife’s last b-day you gave her a vibrator because of your hopeless Erectile Dysfunction.... How did he know?
  13. Super Azusa 11 is operating daily Leaves Shinjuku at 10:00 gets into Hakuba at13:44 Azusa#3 operates weekdays at the moment leaving Shinjuku at 7:30 getting into Hakuba at 11:27 If you are arriving at Narita Airport then your easiest option is to take a bus/train to Chiba and spend the night there as Azusa #3 leaves from Chiba at 6:38AM. As the train makes a few stops between Chiba and Shinjuku it may be quite full by the time it gets to Shinjuku.
  14. They haven't been released yet. Nagaden Buses operate the route. Classic button translation on the homepage NAGADEN
  15. Fool: I'd go straight to the source for info. For baggage see here For trains see jr eact For buses see alpico page These will be updated before the ski season
  16. If you are on the Shink from Omiya to Ueno. You look out the left hand side and see the JR Cargo yards. The have sign up in Japanese with "Just In Time" added in English. Methinks that they are confusing the Japanese meaing of "just" which they take to mean "right on". Imagine a courier company using the slogan. We get it there but ぎりぎり
  17. 2 people unconscious at one of the mountain huts according to todays paper. Caught in a white out. Lets preparing.
  18. One of the things that attracted us to Hakuba was the fibre optic lines in many areas. We are surrounded on 3 sides by forest but have 100mb internet. I wouldn't bother getting wired up as you can find a place to stay with a high speed connection easily.
  19. It looks there will 4 foreigned owned acommodation places in Echoland this winter. The would be perhaps 100 - 120 beds. At this stage there is a couple of bars on the main street (Rock Bar and one in front of the Shakespear Hotel). There is also 1 Izakaya with no English whatsoever, and a smaller place (with a smaller menu) a bit lower down. I would think a place to chill out, have a beer, and a meal would be the best bet.
  20. I've been watching a CBS documentary about 9/11. Fairly good show. I didn't know that Bush was out of contact with Washington for most of the day due to communication problems with Airforce 1. Seems Chaney was calling most of the shots, which is why the testified together to the 9/11 commission. After seeing several of these 5th anniversary documentaries, I'm left with the feeling that Al Qaeda did the deeds, but that they we allowed to get away with it to pursue Rumsfeld's, Chaney's, Wolfivichs plans for the new American century. There is plenty of evidence that they knew an at
  21. As thursday says, it sounds like a program is doing it. Some company will be claiming the ability to register at 10 million sites with the click of a button. They would have picked up this site and added all the data on the registration page, and linked it to their software. We have the same problem with links. We vet all the links and only allow travel links, but we get about 30-40 new links a day for the "want a whopper penis" type site. Some solutions are to: 1. Change the name of the registration page (but they'll find you again) 2. Change the names of the fields on the registra
  22. An update from an authoritative source (i.e. My wife heard it from someone who heard it from someone...) Due to the cold winter and rainy weather, the Donguri have not flowered or whatever they do this year. So the furry ones have no dognuri to munch on.
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