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  1. Hi, So the closed dated in Late December and January, are they random or are there set dates? Drove up last year but were dissapointed. Cheers
  2. MP- Do you know what date it closes from? It is due to maintenance can remember last year it was closed Jan and Feb. Is the last day running th 31st of December? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know what date the Ropeway at Sounkyo (Kurodake)closes. I am pretty sure all of Feb is closed, Thanks!
  4. Hi fella's at least if he dies and doesn't listen to you jealous Nagano patriots he will die a man who has a good two weeks of snow. Looks like Hakuba isn't as consistent as last season. There is no point in taking your frustration out on a fella who doesn't know too much but is willing to follow his mates. Yes i think the Hokkaido mountains are quite small but yes Jaysee"500m ~ 2000m" is also quite plentiful for me and a an Aussie whom has never seen powder before. shw_me, you seem like you have offended a few posters whom on the previous post and i wouldn't be suprised if you get bann
  5. Did 2 weeks at Asahidake last season. Great powder but you will need all the gear as stated by Fattwins. Quite cold as most days were between -25 to -20 during the day. Kurodake is hard to navigate if you don't know where to go, there is a great run though. Furano is too far from sounkyo I based myself at Asahikawa for one month or so and sounkyo is an hour and a half from there if you are going to kurodake or sounkyo it is better to stay there. Kamui is nice and you can get a bus/ski pass from Asahikawa fro 3000 yen. Furano is way to far for day trips. the Den in Asahikawa can help you
  6. The only place you can die is if you go off the wrong side of the peak. If you are booking through a travel agency then it is most likely a tour company so you will have a guide whom will take you out one day and show you the areas where everybody races to at 8:30. Just hit the peak twice a day and you will find some nice turns. Thought I might add a pic from Niseko last season-
  7. The cheapest and best place would be next to the KFC snow hire shop. They cater for gaijin so if your feet are large you should be ok.
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