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  1. one piece suits MUST be worn with white rear entrys and straight skis, preferably pink atomics 200+ long.
  2. well im not super knowledgable but im bored and these seem pretty easy to answer. 1. yes. any decent guide should check what you know and provide appropriate training/equipment depending on where they are taking you. 2. maybe wait till your wife is intermediate+, you might have a bit more fun. try finding some powder stashes in bounds of a ski area and learn to ski them first. 3. fatter skis than you would usually use are ideal, but dont go nuts. 4. you dont need a guide... but be careful and go with a more experienced skier if you have any doubts. be aware that patrol does
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Indosnm: the peak a few nice runs off the peak. people always seem to go the same way which is a bit odd, its easy to find untracked. strawberry fields is good. miharashi in hirafu is good.
  4. some of these super fat skis are going a bit too far imo. 100 underfoot is pretty damn fat.
  5. actually i had no job so work was good for a change. niseko was probably good for me actually to get me used to the deep powder and not be too challenging so i didnt break my neck =]
  6. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: intro I told you to come to hakuba cause i wasnt that steep. indeed you did! but the main reason i went to niseko was because out of the blue i got a job w/free season pass. unfortunately i had to come back to new zealand for family reasons and im a bit short on funds, so not sure if ill be doing hakuba this season. but certainly ill be back sometime to check it out.
  7. its niseko. you dont need edges. =) dont know a "good" place but there are a few places on the main hirafu road that do it.
  8. it would be perfect if it was steeper. cant say i care whether im surrounded by gaijin or japanese, but there are ton of aussies brought in by sj etc. eventually the tour companies will bring in more other nationalities, not just aussies, and it will even out a bit. not sure if ill be back, but thats certainly not because of the lack of japanese "feel" or whatever you want to call it
  9. surely they put another 0 on the end of 40 by accident edit: looked at poster.. maybe not. wtf?
  10. Quote: Originally posted by eyeeyeeyeeyeeye: Please note all, this is talking about an incident 3 years ago......... damn, missed the timestamps! i assume hakuba has improved since 2003!
  11. this is pretty disheartening to hear. i was planning a trip to hakuba and now im not so sure. surely anything thats not allowed should be roped off!
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