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  1. miller

    The World at War

    Only watched bits over the years, would certainly be good to see from start to finish.
  2. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Pressure's on with all the new top gear, muika
  3. I enjoyed watching Disclosure last night. Featuring Michael Douglas playing Michael Douglas.
  4. miller

    The Doner Kebab Thread

    But..... really!!!???
  5. Never liked radio. They never play what I want.
  6. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Sounds like that would be a top setup. 2 of the 'holy trinity' and the 16-35mm some say beats out the 12-24mm as the third. I'm only jealous.
  7. Beetlejuice, I remember enjoying that. Especially the people with tiny little heads.
  8. Can't add much to what people have said. Just ace photos, really well done.
  9. doggy weather?! Did you do that course on your skis or cc skis?
  10. miller

    Alts Bandai, Fukushima 2012.2.18

    Thanks metabo. They could hold big open air concerts at that base area!
  11. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Cool. ------- The 70-200mm looks like a beast, but very expensive and I sure couldn't justify it.
  12. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Nice muika. Decided what lenses you are going to get?
  13. miller

    New camera or wait..

    There doesn't seem to be much solid rumors about a possible D400 at all. I read somewhere someone saying that they thought that they might not be a D400 at all.
  14. I know about 20 people who are going to take part in this. They'll get a lot of people filling out the form. Wonder how they will "pick"? A selection from each area/country? "Random"?
  15. miller

    Smartphone talk

    So no more exclusivity for Softbank. Interesting.
  16. miller

    Google +

    Burned out on all this social network stuff. Count me in on the group!
  17. Is it true that it's now 50% off the normal rates in the daytime?
  18. miller

    Re-entry permit fun

    I just can't think of any reason for that. Is there one?
  19. miller

    Jogging 2011

    Trying to escape is she?
  20. miller

    Cho-yummy things

    Kentucky's Wa-fu chicken cutlets are really good.
  21. I watched the three Naked Gun movies over Golden Week. I had only seen them once when they came out. Quite funny.


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