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  1. miller

    New camera or wait..

    I see Nikon are going to announce a new cheapish D3200... with 24megapixels. I know the other specs are totally different but I don't really understand why the high end D4 has relatively less of those pixelly thingies.
  2. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Nice. That 70-200mm seems to be a cracker of a lens. Well actually all of them do that you listed. Thanks for the larger versions as well. Nice and sharp. RAW files not ok in Photoshop yet?
  3. If they had been tied up I would guess they were going to be picked up and got rid of, but they don't seem to be do they? Just stacked up?
  4. I'd like to hear that, I can imagine it's a challenge but interesting. Used to like "Japan" and some of his early stuff but not heard anything for ages.
  5. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Wonderful photos muikabochi. What lenses did you use yesterday?
  6. miller

    Summer flights 2012

    I'm going to be flying too and from Chicago, not booked yet. How are prices generally compared with last year?
  7. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Very interesting. Thats some cut out. The second images, they "as is" size from the camera?
  8. miller

    USB 3 on Mac?

    It's totally top secret though, shhhhhh!
  9. miller

    Middle aged

    That first time you are called middle-aged must still be a shocker though. I'm not quite there yet.
  10. I saw that too. What a waste of time. Are they ANY good Stephen King-story movies?
  11. miller

    Flight musings

    I really dislike flying. Apart from the long time sitting uncomfortably, I always have it in my mind how horribly dirty planes are. Kimochi warui.,
  12. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Cool. Found this for you muika
  13. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Cool. Keen to hear your impressions.
  14. I probably get 8 on average. I just HATE getting not enough sleep.
  15. It already has a name 東海、東南海、南海地震などが同時発生する「南海トラフの巨大地震」
  16. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Seems like the D800 is in massive demand. I wouldn't cancel your order muika, you never know it might be months if you order anew somewhere.
  17. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Bummer. Any idea of when you will get it?
  18. miller

    Kusatsu Kokusai, Gunma

    Two cuties there onehunga! Never been like the look of the top bit and the sound of the onsen.
  19. Ouch. On the subject of that racing, what kind of skis are they using?
  20. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Have you decided to get that one then, muikabochi? I was looking at lenses the other day as well. And yes they are very sexy things. Almost be afraid to take the things out of their boxes! A lot of dough though, too much for my enjoyement I'm afraid.
  21. miller

    New camera or wait..

    That would be THE trinity!


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