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  1. miller

    iPhone 5

    I recently changed carrier and had frustrations when doing it. Love it when they tell you something like "It's going to cost you xxx yen.... yoroshii desu ka?" Why ask me if that's ok. Do I have a choice?
  2. So would that be Yakebitaiyama to the right?
  3. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Ken likes it (even though he has not used it) Must be in stock good!
  4. miller

    Signs of cooling down!

    Not too sure on the current haircut, ippy. Better than your naked biking pic yesterday though!
  5. miller

    Do you wash your car?

    If I had a car, I would probably not wash it too much.
  6. miller


    Cool pics. What lens did you use for that muika?
  7. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Muika, how's the camera going? Finding much moire on the d800e?
  8. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Kinki's blowjob!
  9. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Good to hear you can see the difference. I suppose it might be one of those things where you only realise when you get something better. I'm sort of tempted but holding off on a decision a bit longer, perhaps until after summer.
  10. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Here it is compared with the 'not small' 18-200mm
  11. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Seen the size of that new DX lens 18-300mm. Huge!!
  12. I quite like a kebab. But 8 kebabs at a time! Got to be made up!
  13. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Thats good to hear. Not cheap them things.
  14. Yen strong again at the moment as doom-and-gloom world economic news (again). Good time to cash it in.
  15. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Amazong d800 still at 445000 yen!
  16. Seems to be getting pretty mixed reviews.
  17. miller

    New camera or wait..

    A real looker. Just looked on amazon, the price of the d800e has gone up to a whopping 445000 yen. And that's not a marketplace one, but the amazon listing. Got to be a mistake I'm sure it was about 320,000 yen last time I looked.
  18. Is the course down from the gondola interesting? The time I went, it was closed and I heard it is often closed.
  19. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Awesome both of you. What lenses you got Criz? Is that your sexiest lens now muikabochi?
  20. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Very inventive Mr Wiggles. :thumbup:
  21. miller

    New camera or wait..

    Nice one Criz, you must be excited. Those filters look interesting. And expensive! Not sure I would want the extra fuss that seems involed. I've just got to admit I can make do without getting to that level.


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