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  1. Thats the best idea. Worse than back in the UK. I mean come on, it's qualifying, not winning the thing! If the Japan team don't improve drastically, they will get slaughtered by some of the better teams out there.
  2. Glad you liked it. When do the fixtures for next seasons Premiership get announced, anyone know?
  3. I'll be here in Hokkaido for summer - not as uncomfortable as further south - and making my way back to the uk for a while in late September.
  4. It does my head in sometimes how much snow falls here. I wasn't able to take advantage of that Feb snow, but it must have been incredible. More next year please.
  5. Hi! New here. And for my first post - daft stuff http://www.football365.com/features/fun_features/story_154260.shtml
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