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  1. Ace as he was last season, he's been close to useless since about April.
  2. I like the look of it myself. I think we'll have it wrapped by March.
  3. The ever-exciting Community Shield on Sunday. Oh it's exciting isn't it. We haven't been too hot pre-season games. Time to start getting into gear.
  4. Top tip to Rob: Don't drink alcohol in the daytime.
  5. Beer numbers are very impressive Average of over 5 pints a day?
  6. Quote: Tottenham may have become the first Premier League team to ban vuvuzelas from their ground, but top-flight new-boys Blackpool have asked fans to bring the instrument to games.
  7. Garth Crooks team of the wc I didn't watch enough of it to comment properly, what do we think. Truly shocking that good ol' Wayne ain't there.
  8. And just when will ipad 2 come out? It's late already!
  9. German football was engulfed in controversy today over remarks by the agent of a top footballer, who allegedly referred to a "bunch of gays" in the national team. Michael Becker, who has been the agent of German national football captain Michael Ballack for more than a decade, is reported to have made the comment in the latest edition of the news magazine Der Spiegel. In an essay entitled New German Men, Aleksander Osang recounts an interview he had with Becker prior to the World Cup in which the agent allegedly told him which of the players in the team were gay. He later said that a
  10. Posted not 5 minutes ago Originally Posted By: JA +1 makes cheese, camembert and a blue camembert. Both absolutely delish. If you don;t like strong blue cheeses, try a very mild blue (like a blue camembert) and see. It is just a bit more "bitey" than a normal cam. Do you like a soft, white rind cheese? such as camembert, brie etc?? If so, the step to blue is not that great! If not, you do nopt know what you are missing!
  11. Why not go to a cheese site to discuss your cheese then? etc
  12. Originally Posted By: JA OK, the "world" cup is over - can we get on with our lives, now? please? There's another one in 4 years you know. Perhaps we should start a new thread.
  13. It is more complex than putting in mouth Now you know. She sounds excited. So should we be.
  14. Not much of a loan for me I was pre-mad costs era as well. Cleared it within 2 years no hassle.
  15. Good idea that. Might be worth watching again that one. I saw the last few that the Night M Shalamak or whatever he's called did. The Happening? and one about a woman in a pool. They were just so poor.
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