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  1. Here's a cracker:


    Girl "beds lass for 8 years by acting as a bloke"


    A SCHEMING woman posed as a man to trick another woman into bed - and kept up the pretence for EIGHT YEARS, a court heard yesterday.

    Samantha Brooks, 26, pretended to be Lee Brooks to con her victim before fooling another woman with the same story.


    Brooks told the women they could not handle her "penis" because she had suffered testicular cancer, it was claimed.


    She put a condom on an object she said was her manhood and used it to obtain sexual intimacy, it was said.


    Brooks hid her breasts with bandages and clingfilm, telling one woman she needed to wear them after suffering burns, the court heard.


    She told the other she had been stabbed in the torso, it was claimed.

  2. Personally I dislike Gerrard very much.

    I think he's a dirty slimy chap and can't really see why he doesn't have a generally worse reputation than he does given all his diving and antics that he gets up to. He is one of the worse high profile 'cheats' out there.

    That was a clear two footer and it was hilarious to see him get sent off. And justified.


    What's the ban for a straight red in an FA cup game?

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