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  1. Perhaps he's a virge and has never had anyone tell him about his snoring? I have to admit, I would not know where to put my own level on a snoring meter. I'm usually asleep, so I can't tell. It is annoying to have to put up with it though for sure.
  2. Controversy about the red card aside, the fact is that: "there was not a single shot on target for Víctor Valdés to save"
  3. Nice on Liverpool. United play more like that and they'll be in the fight for 3rd/4th.
  4. Still won't win the title but it feels good to beat United.
  5. There are rumours that the rumours that the rumours of not having a hi-res screen have been put out by Apple to dampen any expectation. And then they will come out with it.
  6. 2-1. We win, Torres to give Vidic his usual treatment and the start of the comeback!
  7. Just love those monkeys. Fantastic photographs. I want to go when they are sat there with some snow on top of their bonces.
  8. Why aren't Man City "swooping in" to catch Torres? I think they've only got 345 stikers at the moment, so surely they need him too.
  9. Quote: Chelsea have made a stunning £35million offer for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, only to see it flatly rejected. A Liverpool spokesman confirmed: 'Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando, which has been turned down. The player is not for sale.' Hmmmm
  10. Being a dick qualifies you for tons of things. I'm sure he'll get by.
  11. And no, it isn't download only --- flash-type cards.
  12. Touch thing on the back as well, not only the front.
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