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  1. These Secret Footballer articles are sometimes interesting http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/series/the-secret-footballer
  2. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads I see Grant has been sacked again. He just LOOKS so sackable doesn't he? Not in the bed sense of course. Absolutely.
  3. Will sure be interesting to see what happens with Torres. Some idiots come in and offer us big cash, hope he goes. Just not working.
  4. I'm not holding out any hope but it would be very funny if they screwed it up now. Seen that the FA are trying to book Fergie again - this time for saying something positive about Webb before the game last week. Very strange. Bet he wasn't so positive about him at the end.
  5. Really looking forward to this. Amazing, how far behind we were not that long ago, and we could go top tonight.
  6. Originally Posted By: pie-eater This one gg? That is actually The Birdie Dance, isn't it?
  7. Didn't know that. She looked hot in The Mask. I know that.
  8. Didn't pass over the line totally, no. Very lucky. And yes it is madness that stuff like this can happen. Our second goal was slightly offside by the looks as well.
  9. Pets should be renamed 'companions', claim animal rights academics (and rats are just 'free living'): Animals should not be described as 'vermin', 'pests' or even 'pets', animal ethicists have decided. Academics say that traditional words used to characterise animals like 'beasts' and 'critters' are derogatory and should be replaced. They say words like 'pests' and 'vermin' should be dropped altogether, and 'pets' replaced by 'companion animals'
  10. Yep we are now second. 6 points is a lot to crawl back but one of those games is us and them and with their current form.... Could be an exciting finish.
  11. If United screw it up and Arse bottle it like they always do, we still have a chance. Long shot I know...
  12. Been playing lots of Fifa the last week or so to get my mind off things. Great game that is.
  13. I'm feeling totally worn down and drained. Stressed out. Thinking things out re: being here. Living with the above feelings just ain't the way to live. Of course nothing compared to lots of people on the coastline of Tohoku, really feel for them with the little energy I have left.
  14. Looking a bit lost isn't he. Doesn't look confident at all, I don't suppose you would with the recent scoring record. We were outplayed overall so can't complain. Need to do a bit of rebuilding and rethinking.
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