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  1. Looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens. I read it's "James Bond and Indiana Jones doing Independence Day in John Ford country".
  2. Had some of that a few years back, is nice. Have fun.
  3. Of course don't know if true or not but... Arsenal have turned down Manchester United's opening offer for Samir Nasri and told the champions they will not sell the Frenchman unless they receive a bid of at least £25m. United must now decide whether they are willing to meet the asking price and put together an improved financial package after it emerged on Wednesday they had placed an offer of just under £20m two weeks ago. The clubs had agreed at the time not to publicise the bid but it is now clear that United, having already spent £50m on Phil Jones, David de Gea and Ashley Youn
  4. Well, you know I'm glad it's not Ancelloti or all those other dudes that have been here before. At least it's a breath of fresh air. Never know might turn out to be a brilliant move.
  5. Originally Posted By: Indo Originally Posted By: Cheeseman Do other countries have such permits? Yes they do. Australia has a return resident visa which is 5 years for around $280AUD. In Japan, as a PR you have it easy! Interesting to know that Indo. How about other countries?
  6. Did people buy day tickets back then? Would be better off with just a few lift individual lift tickets!
  7. I like the look of our first few games. United is out 5th.
  8. Premier League fixtures due 10am Friday UK time. Ready with that new thread preparation, scouser?
  9. Wow, those shinks and expressways really will have made a different to Niigata.
  10. I remember first listening to this album and thinking W. T. F. ?!?! Just love it now, as so many other people do Needs to be on a quality system, headphones, late night. A crappy youtube just doesn't do it.
  11. I just counted. 76 icons on my desktop. I think I need to clean too!
  12. It doesn't seem fair to have some parts free and others not. After all, lots of tourism around Japan is suffering now - not just Tohoku. I would prefer some kind of uniformity to the situation. As it is I don't really understand what the discount situation is now and it is a real hassle finding out.
  13. Store back up everwhere other than... Japan? desuka? Taken them their time hasn't it.
  14. United won the first 10 minutes. For sure not this > "the gulf in class was apparent from the 1st kick of the ball". They lost the last 80 though.
  15. Doesn't it just. Got an enkai tonight so a lot of beer will be consumed.
  16. Fair bit of sort of sensible reading to be had here, much better than Big Ears' anyway. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thefootballtacticsblog/2011/05/how_manchester_united_can_beat.html No idea on scoreline. I just hope it is a good game.
  17. What were they thinking? And what were they wearing?! Wasn't that for Live Aid or something.
  18. Giggs is a rare football player indeed. Many people, even those who have no time for football and even even those fans of other teams, have admired him for how he has conducted himself for the past 20 years or so. His success in the game is (almost?) unparallelled and his loyalty to his team unheard of in the modern game. I don't care what people get up to, it is a shame that this silly adventure will taint his image. Anyway this superinjunction thing isn't just about football players....
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