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  1. Thats funny. What did he say when he managed to squeeze his price down by over half?
  2. Not that I am buying but.... still no announcements from au/docomo/crapbank yet I see..
  3. Joey Barton?! He's still around. He used to be a right tool didn't he?
  4. Was it here I read this before but............. I like my beer glasses. The ones I drink the beer from, not the ones I have on at the end of a night. Don't seem to be able to buy good branded beer glasses here easily. Anyone?
  5. They're handy if you want to know the time.
  6. Word just in that United have agreed a loan for Falcao subject to medical and agreeing personal terms
  7. There does seem to be a lot of talk about RVP having a long-term injury. Perhaps it isn't so out there after all.
  8. http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/24135-moldtastic-trip-report-runcorn-ski-centre-and-mold/ You haven't been keeping up!
  9. Those 2 ladies having it off with grandad in the first two though.... kimoi!
  10. Interested in checking it out myself. Shame I need to dole out 4000 yen just to experience it.
  11. Went. Great ride. In fact Fujikyu has a collection of awesome rides. Fujiyama is still a great coaster.
  12. I think I'd rather shuttle into Echoland for the beers than do that for the snow in the daytime. I suppose you need to decide which area you think you will be riding most during your time and choose based on that.
  13. That was brutal. United traditionally start groggy but not this year. It's our turn perhaps for that. Looking like a big fight between the Money of City and the Young Uns of United. Wonder who the traditional United haters will prefer?
  14. Originally Posted By: ShinyDiscoBall Liverpool bottled it in the end. As did we.
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