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  1. I recall similar kind of frustrations but...


    Just had to hand over over 3000 yen to receive some boots I bought. They came via DHL.


    On the slip it says


    Import duty - 1200 yen

    Consumption tax - 1200 yen

    Duty handling fee - 1080 yen




    And is there any way to predict this? Is there a price list somewhere, or do they just slap on whatever they want?


    Basically can't receive the package if I dont pay so there's zero choice.


    Bad mood.

  2. Hurray!


    It was about time we had a new one. Was getting to be a bit long since the last one.




    Britain has embarked on a renewed war in the Middle East, starting with air strikes in the next 48 hours, after MPs overwhelmingly sanctioned a UK air assault against Islamic State targets in Iraq.


    Cabinet ministers also told the Commons that Isis will ultimately only be crushed if the terrorist group is pursued to its bases inside Syria, signalling an eventual widening of the conflict that is expected to last several years.


    Downing Street said six Tornado jets would be in the skies over Iraq very shortly, adding the Commons has sanctioned the sending of UK military advisers to Iraq to train the country’s army and act as target setters for the RAF.

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