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  1. What's the length of the season like in Japan? Here on the east coast U.S. the season typically runs Dec - April. My home mountain went 1st weekend November through tomorrow. Used to be open October-June but there just isn't enough business to justify the early opening and late closings. You can normally hike for turns through late June. My last day was two weeks ago. Work intruding on real life yet again. I heard that Mammouth out in western U.S. may actually stay open all year this season. They did that a couple of years ago.
  2. I thought it was good. However, I haven't read the books so had no real expectations.
  3. I use it all the time and love it. Was initially a little worried that the information might be overly biased, but since each article has a "discussion" page it's pretty easy to see whether or not what the article's author wrote is controversial.
  4. Quote: Originally posted by dave rave: I love Santa Fe New Mexico the powder is very very dry. & the air & views are stunning. also LakeTaho is great because of the party scene in the south shore & also great skiing/boarding. this year they had huge snowfall We're thinking about next year's road trip and Taos is high on the list, along with Whistler. I've been told that the western US has the best powder skiing in the world - bar none.
  5. Skier. Began cross country skiing this season. Would like to learn to telemark next season.
  6. Work in New York City. Live both in New York and Killington Vermont. Ski mostly Killington and Mad River Glen Vt. Haven't skied in Japan yet. Need to fix that shortcoming soon. Killington gets a huge number of Japanese skiers. Spent an entire day in December showing some kids from Nagoya around the mountain.
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