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  1. Time for the silliness thread to get a bit of life I like this. Always handy to use
  2. Know what you mean Hotrod. I have experienced 2 places - one was great, I was always looking forward to lunch there. the 2nd was not so great, every day I was dreading what would be put in front of me and only being able to eat a small % of it!
  3. An old printer didn't work at first but I downloaded a new driver from the manufacturers website and all is fine now, other than that no problems and I like it. Looks good, like the search facility, it is very stable, general improvement I think.
  4. WARNING - THIS HAS LOTS OF BAD LANGUAGE Smash robots / Spanish media / Real Madrid
  5. Off topic still but my brother has 4 boys. Number 4 was created to be a girl, but it didn't turn out that way! I honestly do not know how he manages. They are a handful*100. How many do you have Mamabear?
  6. I won't touch most seafood after a really bad experience when I was a kid. I was ill for about a week after eating some bad shellfish. And, of course, it smells real bad too.
  7. I found this, from 99 http://www.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/sinclair/clive_ns0699.htm
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