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  1. tsonda was that last weekend or tomorrow?
  2. The Mondays club mix, ah brings back memories that one. Use it in 24hr pp as well. Pity they left Ryders "vocals" in there. Hard to see what Tony Wilson was thinking with his hardon for Shaun Ryder.
  3. I actually knew someone who had one of those things. As you can imagine he was the laughing stock. I was still at school then (I think?) but I remember people laughing at him. He thought he was really with it. Clive dude made this before E's were popular, perhaps he was one of the first.
  4. Perhaps he could take up smoking as well that might control his weight.
  5. Well we didn't get there in the end - our driver was in no condition to drive so the plan fell through. Perhaps this weekend.
  6. Very retro. I had no problems with the lavalamp and bong combo going on.
  7. Is anyone planning on being there tomorrow? 3 of us are going up there.
  8. My first year in Tokyo. Still finding my way round the place.
  9. I was well into the scene at the Hacienda and Manchester back then, I was at college in Manc just at the right time Wild times it sure was. Great movie as well, that Hacienda set was incredible. Try the book some extra info in there.
  10. This is the biggest thread right. Well, I've been snowboarding the last few seasons before Japan it was in europe based in the uk
  11. Snowboarding for a few seasons in Europe, this is my first year in Japan.
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