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  1. Apparently, February and March were pretty decent for the area probably to do with the snowfall.
  2. Recharging is a pain, sometimes I forget - the bigger the battery life the better I say. I have a friend with an ipod he says he can only get 3 hours or so now out of the thing after 2 years.
  3. What is the purpose of this? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Microsoft launches major Windows XP ad campaign Microsoft Corp. on Monday launched a 15-month advertising blitz touting the 4-year-old Windows XP operating system. The company (NASDAQ: MSFT) isn't saying how much it will spend, but calls it "one of the largest and longest marketing campaigns in the Windows brand history." A total of 51 television ads, 39 print ads and 250 online ads were developed for the campaign, which began i
  4. Depends on the resort, right? So I was told by a resort worker.
  5. I went to Gala yesterday and it was almost empty - very very few people. So much for it being unbearably busy.
  6. I don't know much about Tateyama at all, sorry. Isn't that where you go Toque?
  7. 100 yen, that sounds like an amazing deal! wft?! I'd rather give it to someone than do that.
  8. I have a friend called Mana actually. I would of voted right just because of that.
  9. There's a wacky obaaasan near where I am, she's a right laugh. Full of energy too - I heard she was 94, if that's right I'm impressed with the amount of energy she has in her. Boring grey hair though...
  10. Did you get there scouser? I'm thinking of taking a trip over there in the next week or so.
  11. Just found out I can have a long golden week with no interruptions. That sure is good news.
  12. Another good thing about Ishiuchi is you can go over the top over to Gala if you want. Good on a day that isn't busy.
  13. Doesn't look very interesting to me, I was bored with the trailer even!! A darker brand of cheese instead of just the normal cheese of the others.
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