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  1. Matey, if you don't like the direction "the project" (whats with the " " ) is going, just don't go, verrrry simple. Oh yeah I presume you won't be going to or listening to etc anything else that dares mix with anything from the "sacred" (like the " "s?) past. Watson.
  2. I'd settle in, wait, read through all this lot and enjoy the build up to your first orgasmic run in November.
  3. Here you go hora3 http://www.waroftheworlds.com/
  4. Have you seen the original recently? It's hardly brilliant is it? I saw it a short while back and thought it looked pretty boring and very dated. I think you're remembering things through those rose-tints.
  5. Has anyone got any of the newer "wallet phones" - ones where you can pay for things using your phone. Are people using these things? Sounds interesting, but couldn't someone just take your phone and use it, what security is there??
  6. Well I'm holding out and hoping for something good. Just been reading this > On October 20, 1938, Orson Welles broadcasted a dramatic radio adaptation of H.G. Well's original War of the Worlds story. The adaptation was so convincing that hundreds of thousands of Americans were deceived by it. Announcements before, during and after the broadcast failed to shatter the illusion created by the drama--that Martian Invaders were upon the nation. Now, some 67 years later, Paramount Pictures is hoping to possibly capitalize on doing something a bit similar--on a much smaller scale
  7. Are these shuffle things not released yet? Theres no "release date" I can see on the apple site, and other sites seem to say it'll take a few weeks to get one. ?
  8. Mine comes in at 34000 yen - 1st and 3rd party (even if I'm partly to blame)
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