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  1. Funny you should ask. 3 of us are on our way up there tomorrow. I'll let you know how it went.
  2. Have we heard the (very possibly wrong but interesting to hear) 3 month forecast yet? Hot summer? Frigging nastily hot summer? Lets just hope for the former.
  3. Climate change: Spare a thought for Japan's myriad hay-fever sufferers as they endure the highest pollen levels on record this spring. Global warming seems at least partly to blame and most experts agree that the worst is yet to come. Hay fever in Japan is more punishing than that triggered by weed pollen, which occurs in much of the rest of the world. It is caused by an allergic reaction to cedar and cypress pollen. Severe symptoms and the spread of pollen over wide distances is forcing thousands of people, even in urban areas, to don protective masks and glasses. There are abo
  4. He was sure on something , mad. Did they find out what he was on?
  5. They have to say really sorry and bow a lot when they are found out and caught doing naughty things.
  6. Wills has a girlfriend,right? If i remember correctly, pretty hot as well.
  7. I like the way they talk on the news, so dramatic.
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