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  1. I'm a New Mexico native & Taos is beautiful the bowls there rock & they get lots of snow some of the dryest powder you'll ever find. Since they don't allow boards we usually don't go there though. Santa Fe on the other hand is just as good & you can snow board there. I learned to ski in Santa Fe & Taos as a kid & have fond memories of there. we used to there every winter until my dad died. the vistas are unreal. The elevation is really high though & it can be hard to breath sometimes. fattwins you should go sometime for sure
  2. I can hook you up with a board you just need boots & wear. my family & I will be making a day trip tomorow up to hachi kita if your up for it
  3. when you go out on a sat. night and find yourself yawning at around midnight.
  4. best thing to do is hire a japanese cpa. they're worth every yen if you get a good one
  5. I have a foursome that goes every tues. but might be able to do a weekend here or there
  6. mine came in & are a permanent part of my teeth. but i remember having to teeth all over again. it took about three to five weeks for one tooth to come in. guess i just have a big mouth
  7. I got busted last year coming out from under the quad in 47. I was really blatent hooting & hollering all the way down. I had heard that the patrol were a little bit nazi ish but this guys anger still took me a bit aback this guy was so angry his fists were clenched, but what i did next stopped him in his tracks like an invisible wall hit him.( are you ready ) I got down in seiza & apologised in japanese. it was magical his whole demeaner changed & he unclenched his fists mumbled something & walked off. Remember to carry love in your heart & follow the path of least resi
  8. We go every week on tues from osaka. you can hook up with us there but we usually go to Takasu
  9. Will be making a weekly trip every mon. night for tues. in gifu or early mon. morn. dep. for hyogo. will depart from jr nishinomiya. Went last week to Takasu & it was EPIC!! to much snow to go off trail but got to hit all the black diamonds I never get to go on because the're all moguled out. Ther was only a couple hundred people there so pretty much had the place to ourselves. loving all this snow
  10. new years not the best time to go! 2nd week in january is the best. Go to the resorts home page directly you can book packages that include room 2 meals & lift ticket & sometimes even a lunch coupon. for around 7,000 to 9,000 yen a day you cant piece meal it cheaper yourself.
  11. there's a great skate park here on the island I live on & its free also the ride from your place to the park should be a pretty good work out. bring a skateboard with you when you come.
  12. I have a gig on the 29th but im planning a bbq on the 21st your all invited!! it will be either at my yacht club house or at my place on nishinomiyahama details to follow
  13. we should all live life with passion, love,& empathy. enjoy every moment. for as many people learned yesterday your life can change in an instant. in the noisy confusion of life.keep peace with your soul. with all its sham drudgery & broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. be careful ! strive to be happy keats.
  14. there are some cheaper panels bieng made from recycled materials ther supposed to be much cheaper but you have to use more of them. I'll try to find the home page later when I get a chance.
  15. there are some cheaper panels bieng made from recycled materials ther supposed to be much cheaper but you have to use more of them. I'll try to find the home page later when I get a chance.
  16. Yea I have a gig in tottori most of golden week. I'll be surfing everyday after work. after tommorow I'll have all of my may sched. Give me a call this week Yamakashi if you can I'll leave on thur. night for tottori. try to make it out to sam & daves wed
  17. solar water heaters rock, however solar panels are another thing entirely. good panels are very costly & not very efficent. not sure how it works here but in the us states vary on thier buy back system. to have your whole house rely on solar alone would be very costly & you would have to have alot of deep cycle batteries to store the power. you get a few cloudy days & then you have to go to back up generator.my place in hawaii is totally solar for refridgeration i have a propane fridge ( they suck) anyhting with a heating element you might as well forget about it (Propane stove &a
  18. I love Santa Fe New Mexico the powder is very very dry. & the air & views are stunning. also LakeTaho is great because of the party scene in the south shore & also great skiing/boarding. this year they had huge snowfall
  19. Cool man youll have to make that garden bigger!!
  20. I'm waiting for them to make a hybrid van myself ( need the space ) I'm part of an eco community in Hawaii,my house there is solar powered & we grow all our own fruit & some veggies we also have chickens & recently goats. that we make cheese with & use it to barter within the local community for services its really cool. but its also alot of work especially the animals. check out our website http/www.hawaiispace.com
  21. my yacht club has a nice clubhouse & we can get it catered for 2000 yen per person (min. 10) he'll bbq right there they have a bar, or we can bring our own drinks. then take a sunset cruise ( if were not too ripped )Or another option is maishima they have great facilities & its closer than tsurumiriyokuchi.?? I'll try to get some of the babes from my dance club to show up. what dates were you thinking of
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